The office (執務室 Shitsumu-shitsu?)[1] is an area in the official residence on Rockfort Island.


It is a large office with several couches and table that dominates the room. The office is also filled with rows of thick books that are lined up on the shelves, old photos, a lamp, fireplace, an antique music box, a computer desk and various types of portrait.


During the first entry, the player can find handgun ammo on the table located at the center. The player can approach the computer desk to find a memo that reads: "(First digit: Left, Right.), (Second digit: Left.), (Third digit: Right.), (Fourth digit: Right, Right, Right.)", before rebooting the computer. Once the computer is on, a blue light will appear on the antique music box before the camera turns back on the computer which indicates the player to enter passwords to proceed.

Approach the antique music box during this time and push the button based on the memo to figure out the passwords: (Note: "You must not reset while maneuvering.")

  • First digit: Left, Right = 1
  • Second digit: Left = 9
  • Third digit: Right = 7
  • Fourth digit: Right, Right, Right = 1

The password is 1971.

After typing in the password on the computer, the antique music box will move aside to reveal a secret room. After this, a Bandersnatch will enter the room by smashing through a window.[1]


Location Localization Original script
The shelves Thich books are lined up here.
Cabinet with the various photos An old photo stand is placed here.
Fireplace There is a fireplace. It does not appear to have been used recently.
Antique music box (The computer is off) An antique music box.
Memo Something is written on the memo.:(First digit: Left, Right.):(Second digit: Left.):(Third digit: Right.)
(Fourth digit: Right, Right, Right.)
You must not reset while maneuvering.
The computer There is no power going to it. Turn the computer on? Yes/No
Antique music box (Once the computer is on) There is a button. Push which button?

Left Right Reset




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