The official residence berth (公邸停泊所?)[1] was a small harborage for a submarine intended for transportation between the official residence and the underground airport.


It is a small harbourage, linking the residence vestibule to a submarine leading toward the underground airport. The area is mostly stored with construction materials, maintenance tools and few boxes.


Immediately, the player can turn left from the stairs to find a small storage placement that has handgun ammo and a palace map. Follow the path ahead to find a bow gun arrow that is on a barrel. The platform will require a Steering Wheel to operate. Once the steering wheel is turned, the platform will move forward while a submarine resurfaces from the water, and then the hatch will open.

Every time the player decides to enter or leave the submarine, the steering wheel needs to be turned to move the platform.


Location Localization Original script
About to take the palace map Take the palace map? Yes/No

(Yes) You've taken the palace map.

Construction materials, near the platform Rusted construction materials are left here.
Steering wheel There's an octagonal hollow.

(After placing the steering wheel) Turn the Steering Wheel? Yes/No

Steering wheel (Once in placed) The Steering Wheel is placed. Turn the Steering Wheel? Yes/No.
The submarine hatch Climb down the ladder? Yes/No
Stairs (after T-078 fight) I must escape from here quickly...




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