The official residence hall (公邸ホール?)[1] was the interior lobby of Alfred Ashford's official residence on Rockfort Island.


The official residence hall serves as a nexus for the building, with all rooms or corridors leading back to it. There is a front desk just in front of the door outside, where a receptionist would likely have been stationed. A computer has access to a security system to keep certain rooms out of reach.


There are no enemies fought in this hall during the first visit. The computer located at the center controls the security system of certain areas which is currently activated. To deactivated it, the player must enter an employee ID number.

At some point, this hall will be crawling with zombies.

On the second floor, the door towards the left side leads to the casino bar which will requires the Silver Key to enter.

After exploring the screening room, a scene will trigger as Claire heard Steve calling for help. During this time, the player must return to the screening room and save Steve. After returning once again from saving Steve, another scene will trigger as Claire encounter Alfred Ashford.


Location Localization Original script
Double door near the computer Nothing useful.
Door to the conference room corridor It's electronically locked.
Alfred Ashford portrait on the second floor A huge portrait is on display here.
Door to the casino bar (Without the silver key) It's locked. A silver crest is carved here.
Door to the casino bar (With the silver key)

It's locked. Use the Silver Key? Yes/No

(Yes) The lock has been released.

After using the ID Card on the computer The ID Card  is no longer useful. Discard the ID Card? Yes/No
The computer (After disabling the security system) The security lock has already been released.
Door to the residence vestibule (After Claire heard Steve calling for help) Steve must still be inside of the mansion...


Code Veronica
Code Veronica X



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