The official residence vestibule[1] was the front yard for the official residence - "Palace" in the English version - a building intended for the island's governor.


The yard has seen moderate damage during the H.C.F. attack. Two of the classical-style pillars have collapsed, preventing access through central gate to the south. To the west there is a stairway leading down to the submarine berth, used for private access to an underground hangar. To the east is a stairway leading to the Military Training Center.


Three zombie dogs are face here during the first visit. There will be a shining object that can be collected near the collapse entrance of the residence.

In CODE:Veronica X, after returning here with the Piano Roll, a cutscene will trigger as soon as the player reaches the hall entry showing Claire encounter Albert Wesker.


Location Localization Original script
Accessway's door (after T-078 fight) I must escape quickly...


Code Veronica
Code Veronica X



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