The Screening room (映写室?)[1] is an area of the official residence on Rockfort Island.


Few couches and a table dominate the room, with a projector screen set in front. The room are mostly filled with various types of artifacts collections that include the guns, knives, and different types of models. There is also a large shelf that is stored mostly with war theme visual preferences.

There is also a secret room that contains more artifacts such as guns from different countries, decorations, and archaic military items.


Handgun ammo can be collected from the table. The player can examine different types of artifacts throughout the room, including the jewel ant model which has a button that can be pressed. By pressing the button, a cutscene will trigger as Claire watches a slide. Then, the shelf on the right will move, revealing a secret room that contains the Steering Wheel and Gold Lugers. Taking the Gold Lugers will cause shelf to move back and block the exit, trapping Claire inside the room with hazardous evironment. The player will have no choice but to place the lugers back to escape the room.

At some point, Steve will be trapped inside the secret room for taking the gold lugers in which Claire must return here to save him. There will be a control panel at this time where a puzzle must be solve to save Steve: "When two pairs complete. my angel will subside.". Six switches will be presented; A B C D E F, each represents different pictures. To solve this, choose C and E, and then decide.


Screen room
Location Localization Image Original script
Screen The projection screen is down. N/A
Knives collections Combat knives are displayed here. Screening Room (6).jpg
Handgun collections Two handguns are displayed here. Screening Room (7).jpg
Magnum collections Two magnum are displayed here. Screening Room (10).jpg
Fighter plane model A model fighter plane is displayed here. Screening Room (8).jpg
Battleship model A model battleship is displayed here. Screening Room (9).jpg
Large shelf Visual references are placed here. War seems to be the primary theme... N/A
Ant jewel model A jewel modeled after an ant is displayed here. There is a button below. Push the button? Yes/No Screening Room (11).jpg
Door (when Steve is trapped) I must save Steve! N/A
Control Panel Steve is suffering. There's a message on the control panel. When two pairs complete, my angel will subside. Operate it? Yes/No

(Yes) There are switches. Push which switch?

A B C D E F Decide
The Gold lugers indentation (Once taken by Steve) There's an indentation in the shape of two handguns. N/A
Secret room
Location Localization Original script
Gun collections Guns from many countries are on displayed here.
More collections next to the guns display Decorations are on display here.
Archaic items Archaic military items are stored here.
Gold Lugers A pair of Gold Lugers are displayed here. Take them? Yes/No
Gold Lugers (After being taken) There's a space where the Gold Lugers were placed. Replaced the Gold Lugers? Yes/No
Exit to the screening room (After taking the Gold Lugers) The exit is completely blocked off.




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