The secretary's office (秘書室 Hisho-shitsu?)[1] was located on the second level of the official residence


This is an office that contains a table; working desks, book shelf and the window are covered with the curtains.


This room contains the item box and a typewriter, with an ink ribbon near it. On the small table, the player can find a Note. Handgun ammo can also be found on the book shelf, while a green herb is on the side of the office entry.

There is a small cabinet that can be move aside to find an ID Card. This card can be used to disable the security system on the hall.

The entry to the office requires the player to find two guns that fits the indentation.


Location Localization Original script
Typewriter (With Ink Ribbon) An old typewriter. You can save your progress with this. Use an ink ribbon? Yes/No
Typewriter (Without Ink Ribbon) An old typewriter. I could save my progress if I had an ink ribbon.
Book shelf Professional books are lined up here.
Entry to the office It's locked. There's an indentation in the shape of two guns.
Cabinet There is evidence that the shelf has been moved.
Entry to the office (After placing the gold lugers) The lock has been released.




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