The submarine interior (潜水艦内?)[1] was part of an elaborate means of traveling between the official residence and the underground airport.


The submarine's interior is a very cramped space. Its aft section has several seats together, with piping above. Portholes are on the port and starboard side for viewing. The ladder for exiting is in the centre. At the fore, there is a lever for submerging.


A side pack can be found here, it will add two more space on the player's inventory. The player can move the lever to proceed toward the submarine berth or return to the residence berth.


Location Localization Original script
Side pack There is a Side Pack. You can carry more items if you equip this. Equip the Side Pack? Yes/No
Lever There is a lever. Move the lever? Yes/No
Ladder Climb the ladder? Yes/No




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