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Further notes

The creature is an approximately 30 feet tall humanoid, albeit one with disproportionately long arms, and an overdeveloped bone structure; seen in its legs, hips, and jaw. In at least one instance, there is a large, rod-like device that connects to its internal organs and protrudes slightly from its back.

The Ogroman possesses impressive strength, capable of picking up humans, buses, and other heavy object, as well as damaging buildings and destroying gun turrets by punching them. It used its weight to its advantage, employing a wide range of crushing attacks, from stomping, smashing, or accidentally falling on its targets. Its bone structure also made it nigh-invulnerable, with even artillery having little effect on its protected areas. Despite this, the Ogroman has two visible weak points; the first being its raw and gaping mouth, and the second, if applicable, the internal organs exposed by pulling the rod-like device on its back.[1] Damage to either will stagger the Ogroman, forcing it to its knees.

The creature is presumably of human origin, but whether it is the result of multiple fused humans or is created in a similar manner to the El Gigante is currently unknown.

When the Ogroman is killed, it will disintegrate into indistinguishable biomass, similar to other B.O.W.s of its origin. If the player gets too close, they will pull up their arm over their face, apparently from disgust, and their health will deplete while doing so.



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