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Ogroman can grab the player.


The Ogroman is capable of three attacks.

Attack Description
Crushing hit (叩き潰し Tataki tsubushi?)
Crushing stomp (踏み潰し Fumi tsubushi?)


In Chris' campaign there are three that are versed, one towards the beginning of Chapter 2-1 and two more later on (a new one dropped in and the original one comes back). One more appears in Chris' campaign in Chapter 4-4. In Jake's campaign the two that are versed alongside Chris appear during Chapter 1-3. They also spawn in randomly in the Mercenaries map, Requiem for War.

The Ogroman's weak spots are its open mouth and exposed, internal organs on its back. Doing enough damage to it will cause it to sink to its knees in pain. The player can then perform a QTE to rip out one of its bones and stab its internal organs. Should the Ogroman's internal organs not be exposed, the QTE will instead involve pulling at the metal device to expose its organs. After either QTE is performed, the Ogroman will briefly stumble and the player will land safely on the ground.

Gun turrets are effective against the Ogroman, but leave the player vulnerable to attacks. The Ogroman can also destroy gun turrets and attack the player while they use them.

After enough damage is done to them, they will collapse and disintegrate, dropping 4,000 skill points. The player should still be cautious as its biomass depletes player health should they be too close. Air support will kill any remaining Ogroman when the player destroys the three anti-aircraft turrets as requested by the BSAA's Echo Team. No skill points can be collected through this method, however.