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The Ogroman was a series of B.O.W derivated from the C-Virus. The series name stems from ogroman, a Serbian word synonymous with "enormous" and "gigantic".


The first known deployment of the Ogroman was on Christmas Eve, 2012, when the Edonian Liberation Army was losing its fight with the newly arrived Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Despite Carla Radames' warnings of a flaw in the Ogroman's design, the ELA's commanding officer had no time to wait for the correction to be made and sent it out against the BSAA.[1] Encountering the North American Alpha Team, it was fought off by the combined efforts of Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans. Later when Redfield and Nivans encountered Jake Muller and government agent Sherry Birkin, the four of them fought another Ogroman transported by the ELA J'avo, whilst destroying three anti-aircraft guns. After destroying two of the guns, the Ogroman that was driven off earlier reappears. After killing one of the B.O.W.s and disabling all the guns, the second beast is killed by an airstrike.[2][2]

Another Ogroman was later encountered by Redfield and Nivans on the deck of Neo Umbrella's aircraft carrier. It was released to prevent them disabling the missiles aimed at Lanshiang but Chris managed to distract it long enough for Nivans to deactivate the missiles. The Ogroman was then killed when Nivans fired a missile at it.


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