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Ogroman (オグロマン Oguroman?) is a file in Resident Evil 6.[1] It can be obtained in Chapter 2 of Chris Story. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


The Ogroman is a type of B.O.W. used by the insurgents during the civil war in Edonia. Ogroman is derived from the Serbian for "giant body." As the name would suggest, this creature is one of the largest stable B.O.W.s known to exist. It's strength is incalculable, and it is violent and destructive.

These B.O.W.s lack intelligence, and will just act on the orders they are given without thought or hesitation.

It can be easily brought down if enough firepower is concentrated on the life-support system attached to its back. The urgency of the situation at the time left the Edonian Liberation Army no choice but to allow this easily-exploited vulnerability go unremedied. This fact can be confirmed in a note written by a commanding officer of that army.
The BSAA has invaded our territory all the way to our city hall. If they take control of that, we've no hope for retaliation.

Our only option now is to send in that huge beast that Asian woman called "Ogroman." She warned us not to use it in battle until the weak point on its back was resolved, but it should still be able to squash a few members of the BSAA before they take it down.







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