The Oil Field - Control Facility is an area for Resident Evil 5. Chris and Sheva meet Josh Stone at this point.


Upon entering the area, a scene will play where Chris and Sheva run into Josh Stone again. While here, the player must protect Josh while he hacks into security systems while a hoard of Majini invade the area. In the first area, there are a few barrels that hold items and soon more Majini and a Big Man Majini will start entering through the windows. Eventually a scene will play where Josh gets the elevator working, then the player must get into it.

Once out, a Checkpoint will be triggered. The player must go to the door at the end of the catwalks while more Majini are attacking, some will have bows. Once at the door, Josh will need time to open it. A scene will play where many Majini and one Chainsaw Majini enter the area. Soon a scene will play where Josh gets the door open and then the players can leave. Leaving through the door triggers another scene where Josh separates from Chris and Sheva again.

In this last area, there are no more enemies. There are two barrels inside the building the Majini were in through the windows. The door at the end of the area leads to the Oil Field - Dock.


Location Action Localization Original script
The door to the outside area Investigate It's locked!



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