The Oil Field - Dock is an area for Resident Evil 5. Ricardo Irving has rigged the oil rig to explode as he escapes on his boat.


There will be no enemies in the area until the player goes down the right path to the large boat. There are two barrels near the entrance. The left path will be empty except for the 2 more barrel and a locked house. On the right path, there is one barrel on the lower section, and 2 in the shacks. As the player approaches the boat and reaches in between the two shakes, a scene will play where encounter with Irving, he will leave the area will be set to explode. After the scene, a Checkpoint will be triggered, the player will have 2 minutes to reach Josh on the other side of the docks, and the area will now be full of Majini.

Behind where the player is now (the section the player didn't have a chance to explore), there is one barrel under the next shake, and in the cabin there is a B.S.A.A. Emblem, and at the end of the end is a suitcase with Gold bars inside.

Along the way to Josh, the iron door will now have a padlock on it. A Big Man Majini and four Adjule will emerge from cabin in front of the door, there are two barrels inside of it. This particular Big Man Majini will drop a Gold ring if defeated. There will be two sets of Tripwires set up on the staircase in the player's way.

Four Majini will come out of the last shack and there are no barrels or items inside this one. Simply reaching the end of the dock will complete the stage and finish the chapter. The next location is the Oil Field - Drilling Facilities


  • Before triggering the countdown, players may leave Proximity Bombs in front of each shack to obliterate hostiles as they emerge.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The doors to the small shacks Investigate It's locked from the inside.



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