The Oil Field - Dribbling Facilities is an area of Resident Evil 5.


This is the opening area of Chapter 3-3. The player starts off on a boat being driven by Josh Stone. Two boats with two Majini each will be chasing after the player from behind. Throughout the facilities, there will be large red gas containers the player can shoot to ward off the Majini stationed that have bows or dynamite. Eventually, the boat will reached a closed gate and the player can get off the boat to reach the switch to raise it. There is a B.S.A.A. Emblem on the underside of the platform behind here. In this area, there are many Majini and some Kipepeo, three barrels, and a pack of 15 Handgun ammo. After the level is pulled, more Majini and two Kipepeo will spawn. Once the characters get back on the boat, Josh will start driving forward and a Checkpoint will be triggered.

In this next section, the player will have to use the quick time event command "Duck" to avoid being hit by two upcoming pipes. Soon Josh will have to stop the boat at another closed gate. There are two switches here that have to be pressed at the same time.

Right next to where the player climbs up to the docks, there are two barrels, a stack of 15 Handgun ammo, a stack of 10 Rifle ammo, and a Herb (Green) close by. When the player reaches the small wall, many Majini will spawn from the cabin above the gate and mount the gatling guns. The player can use the "Against wall" command to take cover and peak out when aiming. There is a Transformer on the left side that can be shoot down to damage the Majini that jumped down. Still on the left side, going towards the switch will be a door. Past here are two barrels and a stack of 10 Shotgun shells.

Up the ladder, there is one barrel and a Herb (Green). Inside the cabin is a barrel, and a Emerald (Marquise) inside of a cabinet. On the other side there are two barrels. On the right side, there are two barrels, a Herb (Red), a stack of 50 Machine gun ammo on the tries, and stack of 15 Handgun ammo on the sandbags.

In the back area, on the jetty on the right end there is a barrel that sometimes has Magnum ammo and a Sapphire (Pear) next to it. On the left side, there is a small shake with a stack of 10 Shotgun shells, a stack of 50 Machine gun ammo, a stack of 15 Handgun ammo, a First aid spray, and a barrel. Next to the cabin is one barrel and a suitcase that contains a M3 (SG).

When the switches are pulled and the gate is opened, another wave of Majini and Kipepeo will spawn. Soon after getting on the boat, the player will enter the next area which is the Patrol Boat.



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