The Oil Field - Refinery is a location in Resident Evil 5.


Upon entring the area, a scene will play where Chris and Sheva notice Ricardo Irving just leaving. In the area, there are a few basic Majini and some with bows. Dropping down will cause more enemies to spawn and flood the area. In the area, a certain two barrels will contain a Incendiary Grenade and a Proximity Bomb. In order to progress through here, the player must turn the two large valves to turn off pipes spewing flames that block a path.

One valve is at the top of the center structure, and behind it is a Jewel beetle. Shutting it off will trigger another hoard of Majini to attack and open a path to a zip line and to another valve. Taking the zip line will cause a Chainsaw Majini to spawn. There is another zip line in the area the player can take that leads to the other valve. In this area, the play must open wood block locked door to exit, opening this door will cause another Chainsaw Majini will spawn. Defeating this one triggers a Checkpoint.

After opening up the path by using the valves, walking along the path will trigger a few more Majini to spawn from up ahead. The exit here leads to the Oil Field - Control Facility.


Location Action Localization Original Script
The locked doors Investigate It's barred shut from the other side.




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