It opens the gate at the end of the back route from the cabin.

— Item examination

For the items from the first Resident Evil, see: Small Key.

The Old Key is a key item in Resident Evil 4.


It is an aged key that opens the door from the El Gigante pen, if the player does not go through the Ganado Camp during Chapter 2-3.

This is one of three keys that do not need to be used in the game. The player can take the key, then turn back and take the other path, though using the key is recommended as it can not be discarded and will slow down the use of similar items because the menu's cursor will be set to its position by default.


The key is found in a small shack along the path, or will appear on the ground if the El Gigante destroys the shack. It is then used in the same area on the door at the end of the path.



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