"An old notebook with nothing written inside."
— Blank Notebook inventory description
"There's something scribbled inside."
— Old Notebook inventory description

Blank Notebook (白紙の手帳 hakushi no techō?) is an item in Resident Evil 7 Teaser Demo: Beginning Hour. If the player has it in their inventory and then reads the Bloody message, it will be renamed to the Old Notebook (古びた手帳 furubita techō?) and writing will appear on it which can also be brought up as text by examining it and then pressing the interact button. More text will be added as the player progresses through the Bloody message puzzle.


The book is meant to give hints to the player for where to use the Dummy's Left Hand to point to graves, and eventually give them access to the Dirty Coin.


The Blank Notebook is located in the hall that leads to the basement in drawer,



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