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Olivia Price was an Australian who studied at Philosophy University in Western Australia. Price was caught up in the 2010 Philosophy University Incident. She was Lucas Butler's girlfriend, and the two were mutual friends of Mary Grey.[1]


Olivia first appeared during the chemical period session led by Dr Rebecca Chambers, she ask Rebecca if she had a boyfriend after a month of her transfer as a temporary teacher, but Chambers retaliates asking Price if she has one, Price then brags about her boyfriend Lucas, who is the most popular student in the science department. The two then express their love in front of the whole class much to Mary's dismay. After the class end, the two hug together and bid Mary farewell.

When the outbreak begin, Price and Butler both frantically run to Chambers for help. Chambers then direct another teacher named Bethany and the remaining students to lock themselves in the audio-visual room. She then got separated from the group. Noticed that she is missing, Bethany then volunteers herself to look for her while telling Grey and Butler to lock themselves in.

Sometime later after their separation, Price frantically tries to call Butler but he never pick up the call so she sends him a pleading message before force to run from the infected once again

After Price got cornered by the Tyrant Virus zombies, she texts him and say that they may get her soon and she won't survive for much longer, but she is firmly sure that Butler will survive the outbreak, she tearfully profound her feelings to Butler before force to run away once more.

Gray later texts where is her location and promises to save her but is later infected by her friend due to immense jealousy.

Sometime later, Price is seen among the missing zombified students in professor Ryan Howard's research lab. A fight ensues, it ends up as the zombified Price tackles Butler to the ground, even with the help of the security guard Posh Brown, she still managed to bite and infect him, she is later killed by BSAA operative from the Oceania Branch Sophie Home.