On the Road is an early scene in the Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


An incredulous Ethan talk to his friend while travel to the "Dulvey Haunted House" in search of her, unaware that its owners, the Baker family, had also gone missing in 3 years.


Friend: "Hello?"

Ethan Winters: "Hey, it's, uh—it's Ethan."

Friend: "Oh hey, you alright? You just disappeared the other night."

Ethan: "Yeah, yeah. No, I'm good, I'm good. It's Mia. She's not dead, she's alive. She's back."

Friend: "They found her? How? What happened?"

Ethan: "I don't know. I don't know how, but she's back, she's back somehow. Maybe it's a prank. She wants me to come and get her."

Friend: "Where is she?"

Ethan: "Dulvey. Dulvey, Louisiana."

Friend: "Dude, it's been three years!"

Ethan: "I know, I know. But what if it is her? I have to find out what happened."

Friend: "はい"

Ethan Winters: "やあ…俺だ イーサンだ"

Friend: "大丈夫か?昨日は急に帰っちまって"

Ethan: "ああ    俺は心配ないよ    大丈夫だ"

Friend: "見つかったのか? どうやって? 何があった?"

Ethan: "詳しいことは分からない"
"分からないけど… とにかく彼女から連絡があった"
"何かの悪戯かもな    でも…"

Friend: "彼女はどこに?"

Ethan: "ダルヴェイだ    ルイジアナ州だよ"

Friend: "3年も経ってるんだろ?"

Ethan: "ああ分かってるけど    本当に彼女なら?"


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