One-man Show (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

Plot Edit


Alexia: "Keep focused brother, our enemy is only a little girl. Oh why is this taking so long?"

Alfred: "My apologizes Alexia, but I have been doing my best."

Alexia: "The revival of the Ashford family depends on your success brother."

Alfred: "I am aware of that Alexia. I will revive the family name myself and make you the master of the glorious Ashford family."

Alexia: "Do not worry brother, I will handle both of them myself. Who is there? Is someone in the corridor?"

Alfred: "What is it Alexia?"

Alexia: "N...nothing, I believe I must have been imagining things. Let us go brother."

Alexia: "しっかりして    お兄さま!"

Alfred: "すまない    アレクシア"
"私だって    一生懸命やっているんだ"

Alexia: "アシュフォード家の再興はお兄さまにかかっているのよ"

Alfred: "分っているとも    アレクシア"
"必ずや    この手で栄華を取り戻し"
"お前を    栄光あるアシュフォード家の当主に!"

Alexia: "後は任せて    お兄さま"

Alfred: "どうしたんだい    アレクシア?"

Alexia: "いえ    気のせいだったようだわ"
"行きましょう    お兄さま"


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