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"One-man Show"[note 1] is a cutscene in Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.


Once Claire enters the corridor, she overhears a voice so she hides while listening to the discussion between the Ashford siblings, but when their discussion was about to end, "Alexia" notices someone near the window, Claire backs off from there before getting spotted. After a brief moment, she stops investigating the window and brushes it off as her imagination.


Alexia: "Keep focused brother, our enemy is only a little girl. Oh why is this taking so long?"

Alfred: "My apologizes Alexia, but I have been doing my best."

Alexia: "The revival of the Ashford family depends on your success brother."

Alfred: "I am aware of that Alexia. I will revive the family name myself and make you the master of the glorious Ashford family."

Alexia: "Do not worry brother, I will handle both of them myself. Who is there? Is someone in the corridor?"

Alfred: "What is it Alexia?"

Alexia: "N...nothing, I believe I must have been imagining things. Let us go brother."

Alexia: "しっかりして    お兄さま!"

Alfred: "すまない    アレクシア"
"私だって    一生懸命やっているんだ"

Alexia: "アシュフォード家の再興はお兄さまにかかっているのよ"

Alfred: "分っているとも    アレクシア"
"必ずや    この手で栄華を取り戻し"
"お前を    栄光あるアシュフォード家の当主に!"

Alexia: "後は任せて    お兄さま"

Alfred: "どうしたんだい    アレクシア?"

Alexia: "いえ    気のせいだったようだわ"
"行きましょう    お兄さま"


  1. All cutscene names for this game on the Wiki are tentative only.