REmake One Dangerous Zombie 3

Bomb Zombie Speyer – the titular "One Dangerous Zombie" – and Jill Valentine (dressed in her "Casual" costume) in the tea room in the HD remaster of the Resident Evil remake.

"One Dangerous Zombie" is a feature in the Resident Evil remake which adds a new Zombie type to the mansion. In the modern HD remasters, this feature is unlocked after beating both Chris and Jill's games on Normal or Hard, while for the GCN and Wii versions the player had to beat Chris and Jill with "Once Again..." (thereby beating the game four times). This feature cannot be turned off after activation.


The game plays the same as before, with the sole exception of "Bomb Zombie" appearing during the first sections of the game. Bomb Zombie appears similar to S.T.A.R.S. officer Forest Speyer, but wears a vest with multiple grenades strapped to his bandoleer.

Bomb Zombie only spawns in a handful of rooms, so can be anticipated by gamers. Normally, Bomb Zombie will immediately charge at the player as soon as they enter the room, and can be heard from afar by the rattling of his grenades. He runs faster than other Zombies, and replaces all that should be in the room. Once the player returns from the Plant 42 fight with the Helmet Key, Bomb Zombie will disappear for good.

Bomb Zombie must be avoided at all costs. He cannot be killed by the player, as this will set off the grenade and kill them, even if shot from a distance. Defense Items like the Dagger, Flash Grenade and Stun Gun also cannot be used, so players being grappled must allow themselves to be bitten.



Further notes

  • The tea room is the only room in which Bomb Zombie is unaware of the player until they approach in front of him.
  • Bomb Zombie does not appear in the East terrace, where Forest Speyer is found.



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