One More Kiss[note 1] (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays towards the end of the Leon B game.


Leon S. Kennedy enters the main shaft in search of a means of activating power to the facility. T-00 enters the room and approaches Leon. It is shot in the back, Ada Wong having followed it inside the room. T-00 shifts its attentions on Ada, who empties her entire Browning on the Tyrant but fails to defeat it. As she begins reloading, it grabs out to her. She succeeds in reloading and fires seven times at its face. Weakened but still conscious, the Tyrant then slams Ada into a panel, seriously injuring her; it loses balance and falls off the ledge into the smelting pit. Leon runs to aid Ada, but she seems to die in his arms. Leon leaves as the computer warns of the facility's impending destruction.


Ada Wong: "Run!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Ada!"

Ada: "Leon... please, escape..."

Leon: "No. We're a team. I can't just leave you behind."

Ada: "I'm just a woman... who fell in love with you... Nothing more."

Leon: "Ada... No... Ada!"

Computer': "The self-destruct sequence has been activated. Repeat: the self-destruct sequence has been activated. This sequence may not be aborted. All employees proceed to the emergency car at the bottom platform."

Leon: "I will always remember you. Good Bye, Ada."

Ada Wong:「逃げて!」

Leon S. Kennedy:「エイダ!」

Ada:「お願い 逃げて・・・」

Leon:「俺たちはチームだ 一緒に行こう」

Ada:「私はただの女よ あなたを愛した女・・・」

Computer':「爆破装置が作動しました 繰り返します 爆破装置が作動しました 停止することは出来ません 研究員は最下層のプラットフォームから非常車両で脱出してく下さい」

Leon:「君を忘れない さよなら エイダ」

Ada Wong: "Run!"

Leon S. Kennedy: "Ada!"

Ada: "Please... run away..."

Leon: "We're a team. We'll go together."

Ada: "I'm just a woman - a woman who loves you..."[note 2]

Computer Voice: "The explosive device has been activated. Repeat: The explosive device has been activated. It cannot be interrupted. All researchers please escape from the bottom platform by the emergency car."[note 3]

Leon: "I won't forget you."[note 4] Goodbye... Ada.



  1. The title is derived from the music of the same name scored for this scene.
  2. Ada uses the polite-neutral anata (あなた?) to mean "you". However, it is also used by wives to address their husbands. As she has already admitted to being in love, she may mean it in the latter way than the former, reserved usage.
  3. The specific kind of vehicle is described as a sharyō (車両?), which can refer to wheeled vehicles in general, but railway cars in particular.
  4. The word kimi (?) is used to represent "you". This indicates a masculine-familial relationship, making this form of "you" akin to "buddy". It is also used by young men to address their girlfriends.
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