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Ooze are a pseudo-species that first emerged in 2004 during the Terragrigia Panic.


Ooze are humans who have mutated after contracting t-Abyss, a Group VI retrovirus engineered as a bioweapon. This mutation inserts genes advantageous to deep-sea fish into the human genome, such as the increase in water retention in cells to deal with water pressure. In the lower-pressure environments humans reside in, Ooze take the form of waterlogged corpses, and shed water continuously in the form of slime. To survive, they are driven to drink massive quantities of water. Ooze will prey upon other animals, including humans, to replenish their body's water content.[1][excerpt 1] The head and neck have been radically altered; when attacking prey, needle-like teeth will open-up holes in the body, and following this the oesophagus will be extended out to drink from the holes akin to a leech. The slime Ooze produce can, itself, be used as a lubricant to aid in the hunting of prey, and Ooze are known to climb through air vents in search of food.

Their movement pattern is awkward and unpredictable due to their feet mutating into crooked stumps. The reason for this is unknown but theorized it could be to aid in maneuvering through vents and small spaces. This gives them an odd shuffling gait as they "walk" forwards. Despite this oddity, they make use of the falling forward momentum to pick up speed when assaulting prey.

Due to certain genetic factors that present themselves early in mutations, Ooze are almost always male with females tending to turn into Sea Creepers, though this is not an absolute rule.

Variations of Ooze[]

There are several types of Ooze, each which display different characteristics:


4 Variants of the Ooze

  • Standard - They are the same height as humans, its head appears to be hinged near the base of the skull, it has long needle-like teeth on the upper jaw and rather than a bottom jaw its head tilts back revealing the esophagus from which its leech-like tongue extends, it also has coral-like growths of bone extending from their arms. Their main avenue of attack is a grab where it will attempt to suck out the player's blood but will attempt to hit the player as well.
  • Pincer - Ooze that possesses long, claw-like arms. These arms are folded like razor blades and extend when attacking the player. They can incapacitate the player, rendering them unable to move or attack with anything other than a handgun. They, like the standard Ooze, can also grab the player and suck out their blood, although this happens less often. They are both faster and significantly more powerful than a standard Ooze.
  • Tricorne - Ooze that develops a bizarre arm in the shape of a crossbow which shoots sharp organic projectiles. They tend to appear far away from the player. Quickly get close to attack them or keep your distance and use weapons such as rifles. The projectiles move slowly enough that moving to the side after the Tricorne has fired will guarantee they miss, and the projectile can also be shot or knifed out of the air; knifing a projectile in the HD version will unlock the "Living on the Edge" achievement.
  • Chunk - A grotesque lump of meat that has no hands or arms, this Ooze's only method of attack is to self-destruct, walking up to a victim and then somehow causing their bodies to explode violently. Whatever process causes this explosion is volatile, and the Chunk will also explode when killed by the player. This can heavily damage other enemies as well as the player.


Standard Ooze[]

Standard Oozes are your basic enemy, however, they should not be taken lightly as they can appear unexpectedly from anywhere. Their attacks are:

Attack Damage Description
Grab Low damage if quickly shaken off. Causes death if not shaken off. If the Ooze is close enough to the player, it will grab and use its leech-like tongue to suck on its prey's blood.
Backhand Heavy The Ooze will deliver a heavy damaging backhand, knocking the player back if not avoided.
Slam Moderate The Ooze delivers a downwards arm slam to the player.
Quick Bash Light The Ooze performs a quick and unpredictable arm swing but causes light damage to the player.


The Pincer Ooze are more agile and can take more punishment compared to the Standard Ooze. They rely heavily on their claws to damage and incapacitate the player. Their attacks are:

Attack Damage Description
Double Claw Swing Heavy The Pincer Ooze performs a double claw swing. If the player avoids the first swing, the second swing may or may not hit the player.
Double Claw Drag Moderate The Pincer Ooze uses both of its claw and drags the player towards itself, also dealing damage.
Grab Low damage if quickly shaken off. Causes death if not shaken off. Similar to the Standard Ooze, it will grab the player and use its leech-like tongue to suck its prey's blood.
Incapacitate Light & causes incapacitation The Pincer Ooze performs a quick, light damaging slash to the player's leg, causing the player to be incapacitated.
Slam Moderate If the player is incapacitated and does not get up quickly, the Pincer Ooze will deliver a downwards arm slam to the player.


This variation of the Ooze does not have any apparent leech-like tongue. It only has one but quite damaging attack:

Attack Damage Description
Explode Heavy When the Chunk Ooze either takes enough damage or gets very close to the player, it will explode and damage the player and also everything in its blast range, including other creatures.


This type of Ooze prefers ranged attacks but also has little variation of close ranged attacks. Its attacks are:

Attack Damage Description
Shoot Moderate From a distance, it will steadily aim its arm towards the player and shoot a projectile from it.
Quick Bash Light The Tricorne Ooze performs a quick bash to the player if he/she gets too close to it.
Backhand Moderate The Tricorne delivers a backhand swing to the player but not as damaging as the Standard Ooze's backhand.


  • Shooting it in the leg will cause it to fall to the ground while shooting both of its arms stuns it for a melee attack. Its head is its weak point.
  • Knifing is very ineffective and is not recommended unless done by a skilled player. Not recommended on Hell Mode, although sometimes it's useful to conserve ammunition. If the knife must be used, concentrate on the enemy's head, as this will often result in either a critical hit, a stun, or at least interrupt attacks. Jill's knife, the fastest in the game, is by far the most effective.
  • The Standard Shotgun (not upgraded) can kill it in two shots on Normal, and 3-4 shots on Hell Mode.
    • Due to the spread of shotguns, shots at the chest will usually do more damage than shots aimed at the head.
  • The Standard Handgun (not upgraded) takes 7-10 shots on Normal, but up to 2 magazines in Hell Mode.
  • The Standard Magnum (not upgraded) can kill it in one shot in the head, no matter in which difficulty, but takes 2 shots to kill it in Normal if aimed at the body.
  • The rifle is not at all recommended if you're not a good shot, as the rifle tends to move without the controller. The upgraded PSG-1 (in speed) is best recommended against the Tricorne. Burst-fire for the rifle is also recommended.
  • It will take over 50 fully automatic shots on Normal to kill an Ooze. The fully automatic guns are recommended for shooting the legs of an Ooze, and best recommended against the Chunk Ooze.
  • Chunk Ooze will blow themselves up shortly after their legs have been crippled. This is useful for conserving ammo, as their legs are considerably weaker than the main body.
  • When facing Tricorne Ooze in narrow spaces without cover, keep focusing fire on their heads in order to prevent them from firing their projectiles. These are by far the easiest oozes to kill with knives, as they aren't as effective in close quarters as the others.

Further notes[]

  • Even though they are called Ooze, at no point in Resident Evil: Revelations are they called Ooze by any character at all; however, Jill did call Rachel a zombie after she had mutated, likely due to Ooze being the T-Abyss equivalent to zombies. The name Ooze is used by Jessica Sherawat in Jessica's Report.
  • Before the concept of Ooze came, zombies were proposed as the main enemies. It is unknown who or what the man was in the e-Shop demo, but he is referred to as a dead zombie.
  • In the demo featured in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, the Ooze snarled instead of making gurgling noises.
  • One concept art of Ooze shows that the Ooze still having their lower jaw. Another concept art had the Ooze's mouth design similar to a lamprey's, instead of a proboscis.
  • The Standard Ooze with only one mutated arm have less HP than the ones with both.



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