Opening (1st run) (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2. It plays at the start of both "1st run" games.


A truck driver drives through the plains of Arklay County. Tired and eating a burger, he distracts himself further by listening to the local talk radio station, where a caller discusses a strange woman he met who looked like a living corpse. The truck drives straight into a passer-by. While the shocked driver worries about what he should do, the woman gets up and attacks him.


Man on radio: "Look man, I'm serious, OK? I saw this with my own eyes."

Radio host: "Oh, I believe you, buddy. I believe you. Just tell us a story, tell us a story."

Man on radio: "OK, well it was last Friday night――I was walking home from the bar...
This woman started coming towards me...
She was staggering, you know... So I, I figured she was drunk."

Radio host: "Whoa, whoa, whoa. OK. Tell us, be honest now, how many drinks did you have?"

Man on radio: "No man, I, I barely had a buzz on."

Radio host: "Oh, c'mon!"

Man on radio: "No, just listen, alright?
She got closer, I got a good look at her...
You had to see her eyes, her nose...
Her whole face...looked like it was rotting."

Radio host: "Ew..."

Man on radio: "She looked like a corpse――Like a walking corpse, man!"

Truck driver: "Heh. Sounds like my wife."

Man on radio: "I've never seen anything like it... I haven't been able to sleep since that night."

Radio host: "Alright, calm down, buddy, calm down. Just... Hey.
You gotta stay strong. OK? Don't give in to fear out there, right?"

Man on radio: "Yeah, well you got that right.
If you freeze up around these things... they'll sink their teeth into you. I saw it attack somebody――"

Truck driver: "Come on... Just gettin' good.
I need some sleep.
Oh, shit!
What do I do...?
What am I gonna do...!?"

Man on radio: 「嘘じゃない! この目で見たんだ!」

Radio host: 「ええ    信じますよ    もちろん    もっと詳しく話していただけますか?」

Man on radio: 「先週の金曜の夜    パブから帰る途中――」

Radio host: 「自分こそ酔ってたんじゃないんですか? 何杯飲んだんです?」

Man on radio: 「いや 一滴も飲んでなかった」

Radio host: 「またまた」

Man on radio: 「まあ聞いてくれ    その女が近づいてきたから――」
「そいつの目や鼻を見たんだ    まるで顔全体が腐ってるようだった」

Radio host: *ad-lib*

Man on radio: 「まるで死人さ    歩く死人みたいで」

Truck driver: 「カミさんみたいだ」

Man on radio: 「この世のものじゃない    その夜は眼れなくて…」

Radio host: 「まあまあ    落ち着いて」

Man on radio: 「それはそうだけど」

Truck driver: 「何だよ! いいとこだったのに…」
「ウソだ    そんな…そんな…」


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