"Opening" (tentative) is a cutscene in the Desperate Escape DLC for Resident Evil 5. The scene cannot be viewed in the Library.


After successfully pulling the device from her chest, Jill falls into unconsciousness. Chris rushes to her aid and wakes her up. Jill, aware of her actions, apologized to Sheva. Jill convinces that she will be fine and tells the duo to stop Wesker. Chris and Sheva leaves to pursue Wesker and Excella, while she falls into unconsciousness again due to fatigue. Josh Stone later finds her and wakes her up. Josh recognizes her and introduces himself. He asks if she has seen Chris and Sheva with Jill responding that they went after Wesker. Josh explains that a helicopter is waiting and wants to go after the duo to help them. Jill asks if she can assist him to which he accepts. Leaving the ruins, horde of Majinis are shown rushing after their location.


Chris: "Jill!"
"Are you all right?"
Jill: "Chris... I'm so sorry..."
Chris: "It's OK."
Jill: "You're Sheva... right?"
Sheva: "Yes."
Jill: "I couldn't control my actions, oh, but God I was still aware. Forgive me."
Sheva: "It's alright."
Jill: "Thank you."
"Listen. I'm gonna be alright. You two need to stop him."
Chris: "We just can't leave here!"
Jill: "You have to. This is your only chance! If Wesker succeeds, Uroboros will
be spread across the globe! Millions will die!"
Chris: "Well yeah, but--"
Jill: "I'm alright! You need to stop them!"
"Chris! You're the only one who can! Before it's too late."
"Don't you trust your partner?"
Chris: "Alright."
Jill: "Take care of him."
"You're our only hope to survive this."

Josh: "Hey. Can you hear me? Are you alright?"
"Good. You are awake."
"Wait a minute, you are Jill Valentine!"
Jill: "How... Who are you?"
Josh: "Captain Josh Stone, BSAA West Africa Branch."
"I've got to say, I never thought that I would get the chance to meet you."
Jill: "Thanks."
"So what are you doing here?"
Josh: "I'm looking for my comrades, Sheva and Chris. Have you seen that?"
Jill: "Yeah. They both went after Wesker. He's on the tanker."
Josh: "I saw one anchored offshore. Do you know where they are headed?"
Jill: "Yeah, but it's already left. It's too late to get it now."
Josh: "It's never too late. I got a helicopter waiting and I'm going after Sheva."
Jill: "You got room for one more?"
Josh: "There's always room for a beautiful lady."
Jill: "I bet you say that to all the girls."
Josh: "Just the pretty ones. Come on, let's go."

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