Operating room (手術室 Shujutsu-shitsu?)[1] is an area of the Arklay Laboratory.


The operating room leads to the morgue via a ventilation duct. The operating table is placed in the middle of the room, surrounded by monitors and various equipment. Though in the remake, part of the operating table is bloodstained as it's recognize that the blood doesn't came from a surgery. In the original 1996 of Resident Evil, two holes is placed just below the ventilation shaft which can emitting poison gas that can be hazardous.


In the original Resident Evil, this room contains some Shotgun Shells on the bed and a red herb on the cabinet to the right of the door when walking in.[2] There are two huge crates and one steps that must be rearrange correctly here to reach the ventilation duct. If the red button on the left side from the door is trigger, poison gas will be released and therefore will damage Chris or Jill. This can be avoid by rearranging the two crates and placed it onto the open platform, while the steps must be pull in between the crates so that player can reach the ventilation duct.

As the door is rusted shut In the remake, the Operating room cannot be enter or exit using that door. Player can use the ventilation shaft from the Morgue room to enter this room.  Because part of the Morgue room is blocked by the metal racks, player can gain access through either one of the three ventilation shaft available to explore the Morgue room even further while searching one of the passcode for the control panel for the Detention chamber passage in the process. One or two Chimera will be face here inside the Operating room.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original Script
Instruments Instruments for operation. Some are bloodstained.
Ventilation duct There's an air shaft. Will you enter it? Yes/No
Resident Evil (2002)
Operating table The operating table is covered in blood. The blood doesn't look like it came from surgery, though.
The door to the Power chamber passage It's rusted shut and won't budge!
The instrument shelf Various precision instruments used in surgery.







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