Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Operation: NESTWRECKER was a mission undertaken by the 1st U.S.S. Squad, part of Umbrella's elite security force, the Umbrella Security Service.


Dr. William Birkin, the lead researcher behind the Golgotha Virus fell under the suspicions of Umbrella HQ. An attempt to remove him from the project failed when he ordered his staff to ignore messages from HQ regarding the project, and he continued development despite funding being ceased,[1] and over a two month period had seven researchers detained or executed for spying by sending reports in to HQ.[2] Spies within the US military soon learnt that he was in contact with them and offering to hand it over.[3][1] Ignoring a direct order to respond to an investigation committee within 24 hours, Umbrella HQ prepared to size it by force.[1]

On the night of 22 September, 1st Squad's Alpha Team, under the command of "HUNK", infiltrated the lab through ceiling accessways and at 23:45 four soldiers confronted Dr. Birkin has he placed the Golgotha samples in a storage case.[4] Under arrest, he resisted and held up a handgun, and was promptly shot at repeatedly from an MP5 by J. Martinez, against Umbrella's orders. With the storage case unharmed in the attack, it was carried out by A. Kirkpatrick. Dr. Birkin was able to infect himself with a single remaining sample of Golgotha which they failed to spot. Several U.S.S. soldiers occupying NEST were killed in his subsequent rampage through NEST, but finally caught up to the four U.S.S. soldiers of Alpha Team and the Bravo Team compatriots in the sewers. With Kirkpatrick injured, the storage case was opened for him to consume more samples of Golgotha.[5] Samples of the newly-modified Epsilon strain of t-Virus were also released from the case,[6] and the samples were consumed by rats which subsequently spread their infection to Raccoon City's drinking water.

For several days, HUNK, who had escaped without serious injury with a Golgotha sample, made his way around the increasingly chaotic city, but was only able to get back in contact with the evacuation helicopter on the night of 29/30 September.[7]


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