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The Operation Instruction (作戦指示書 Sakusen shiji-sho?) is a file that can be found in the Saint Michael Clock Tower in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The overall context of the file is an order from Umbrella to a unit designated "Echo Team". It is this file which confirms that what Carlos Oliveira was saying was the truth - the U.B.C.S. were given orders to assist in civilian evacuation. It also makes reference to the clock tower being intended as a waypoint for evacuation, as was suggested by the Delta Platoon survivors earlier in the game.


Order for UBCS Echo Team:
Wipe out the downtown area of the infestation and then evacuate the remaining citizens to the clock tower. Among the civilians, remember to give priority to the employees of Umbrella's affiliates. Remember to stay alert because the infected have a high endurance rate and will strike without hesitation.

Evacuation Procedure:

  1. Once the mission is complete, or when it becomes too impossible to accomplish, evacuate immediately.
  2. We'll deploy a helicopter that is waiting in the suburbs, to the yard in front of the clock tower.
  3. When you are ready for evacuation, ring the bell of the clock tower to signal the helicopter.


エコーチームは市街地を掃討し、生存している民間人を時計塔内部に避難させることが第一の目的である。民間人はアンブレラ系列の従業員を優先して救助すること。 (With reward) (褒賞あり) 活性死者(汚染死亡後のゾンビと呼ばれる存在)は耐久力が高く、機能停止に追い込むのは難しい。充分警戒せよ。

3:時計塔の鐘の音を合図とし本作戦の終了、もしくは失敗による 中止を市街で作戦中の全部隊に伝達する。