Operation Javier 1 is the first part of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's original "Operation Javier" scenario.


In 2002, before the destruction of the Russian branch of Umbrella, Leon was sent to a small South American country as part of a secret military detachment after the headquarters were informed that a former researcher from Umbrella contacted a man named Javier Hidalgo. Due to the difficult nature of the operation, Jack Krauser, a seasoned operative with a history of brave service, was selected to be Leon's partner.


2002 - Somewhere in South America

Leon S. Kennedy (Narrator): Javier Hidalgo... A man equally famous for his extravagant lifestyle. Following his sudden disappearance we found out that he had attempted to approach Umbrella.
Just what are you up to now, Javier?

Jack Krauser: So, you think B.O.W.s actually exist? Oh wait, you said you faced them before, huh?

Leon (ongoing narrator): This is my first mission with Krauser. He's a soldier with the U.S. Special Operations Command. And has quite the resume of accomplishments in the field. But to him, after all he's been through, B.O.W.s, Cryptid... They're all the same.

Krauser: Our guide is in a village up ahead. He'll take us to Amparo where Javier is hiding out. Come on, let's move.

Leon S. Kennedy (narration): t-ウィルスを流出させた製薬会社アンブレラは事実上崩壊し
B.O.W. (生物武器) に絡む事件はアライグマシティの事件以来——
—— 切報告されていなかった


File locations

A total of fifteen files can be recovered from this level.

Files recovered through searching
  • The Waterside Village - Found in a fruit basket at the start of an alleyway
  • Written Orders - Found in a fruit basket in view just before your partner character is attacked.
  • Communication from Krauser 1 (Hard Mode only) - Destroy the far-away table in the room with spiders in.
  • Guide - Destroy the guide's laptop when Hilda drags his body away.
Files unlocked through completion


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