Operation Javier 2 is the second part of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's original "Operation Javier" scenario.


Leon and Krauser are guided by Manuela through Javier's massive dam, only to encounter even more B.O.W.s. They then learn that the young girl is Javier's daughter, and had been infected with the Veronica virus, before being separated from her by Javier's men.


File locations

A total of ten files can be recovered from this level.

Files recovered through searching
  • Manuela Hidalgo: When two zombies interrupt your conversation with Manuela and you turn down a corridor, shoot the first light to your left.
  • Note (Manuela's Realization): After some Hunter γs attack, you will pass a door that has two zombies and some grenades in it. Once you pass that room you will turn to face down a long hallway with a door at the end. Shoot the light above the door.
  • Javier Dam: After you escape from some Hunter γ you will see a door with a green herb in front of it. When you turn your back to it shoot the light on the right wall.
Files unlocked through completion


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