Operation Javier 5 is the final part of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's original "Operation Javier" scenario - parts six and seven are re-runs of parts four and five, but through Krauser's perspective, only.


Javier Hidalgo walks over to the V Complex, a Veronica Plant growing in his mansion's greenhouse. He willingly allows it to absorb him into its body to give him to power to kill Leon and Krauser. Attacking the two in the basement, he is initially forced to retreat, but mutates to ginormous proportions by the time they and Manuela reach outside. Trying and failing to hold back Javier, Manuela runs on over to it in a suicidal charge, concluding that dying a human would be better than transforming into a horrifying creature like her mother. Leon stops her from being crushed, but their fall to the ground gives Javier the advantage. Suddenly, Manuela uses her powers granted to her by the t-Veronica virus and injures Javier by using her highly-flammable blood as a shield.

Knowing its weakness and having a weapon against him, Manuela begins throwing her blood at the creature's fleshy joints. Eventually, the creature collapses and begins its regeneration process, destroying Javier from the inside. His final dying plea for death answered by Leon, the V Complex dies along with him.

On the helicopter ride home Manuela, stricken with "survivor's guilt", is tasked with Leon to uphold the duty of living in honour of the dead girls whose organs were used to keep Manuela arrive. She is taken into US Government custody soon after and monitored closely, while Krauser is taken out of the Army, altogether because of the injuries he sustained during the mission; he soon after disappears.




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