Operation Javier 7 is the seventh and final chapter of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles's original "Operation Javier" scenario. It is a retelling of Operation Javier 5, only through Krauser's point of view; it is narrated by his own thoughts.


After Krauser arm is injured during the fight against Manuela's mutated mother, Krauser's feelings of uselessness and embarrassment grow as he finds himself having to rely on Leon. He begins worrying about what will happen to him after completing the mission - with his wounded arm limiting his capabilities, he could easily be discharged from the military. During the final battle against the mutated Javier, Krauser sees Manuela using the power of the T-Veronica virus to fight her father. The demonstration of the T-Veronica virus further convinces Krauser that the dark side is the path he has to take, especially since he believes that the military will throw him aside once they learn of his injury.

After the mission is completed, Krauser discovers that there is no way to heal the damage done to his arm. Soon afterwards, Krauser begins searching for Albert Wesker, seeking the chance to repair his arm and gain more power.




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