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Orthrus was a creature created on Sein Island by the t-Phobos Virus. Its name is derived from the Orthros or Orthos (Greek: Ὄρθρος, Ὄρθος) of Greek mythology, which was a counterpart to Kerberos.


The Orthrus appears to have been a dog, and like the Afflicted shows signs of heavy physical trauma and abuse. A large tube was forced into the skull, causing near decapitation. What appears to be a bear trap has also been forced into the neck area which the creature uses to bite potential prey. It is unknown if the animal survived the torture or whether it's a similar situation to the Rotten.

It is believed that these animals were the first test subjects used by Alex Wesker on her experiments with fear in order to create or further develop the t-Phobos Virus. In December 2008, the traveler had already claimed to hear "animal-like growling" outside, by this time the island's inhabitants weren't infected and the human test subjects were either at the prison complex or confined in the laboratory located in the mines, making it possible that a few Orthrus had actually escaped the laboratory and got loose on the Island.[1]


Orthrus are canine-like B.O.W.s made from the T-Phobos Virus. They have large metal spikes inserted into their backs, as well as massive jaws that are made from a bear trap where their neck would be.


Orthrus attack in packs, so it's best to try to take each one out as soon as possible before they overwhelm you. They can tackle and bite their enemies. They appear in both Claire and Barry's sections.[2]

Orthrus can also play dead, although Natalia Korda has the ability to detect a living one, allowing for Barry to dispatch it before it wakes up.



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