Our Mission is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 4.


The file can be found inside the Old operating theater, just before heading toward the steel tower area outside.


The real power of the United States lies in three areas. The Justice Department, the Administrative bodies, and the Military. In order to take control of these areas, we must influence the minds of the people who advise the President.

After this is done, the rest of the departments will quickly fall under our sway.

If by chance the United States were to figure out our plan, the damage caused should be minimal.

We will still be able to conquer the country as planned using our backup plan. Once we control the country, we will use their international influence to our advantage.

The rest of the world will fall swiftly.

As already stated, if our first plan doesn't go as smoothly as expected, we'll proceed with our secondary plan. By sending in our "special" forces we will infiltrate the country from within. Fear and chaos will spread through the nation like a virus.

It'll only be a matter of time before the country loses its stability. At that time, when they're most vulnerable, we will strike.

Rejoice my brethren; the world shall soon be cleansed.





The power of the United States is intricately intertwined between various organizations, from administrative bodies like Congress; the Department of Justice and the military, to the corporate giants of the private sector. For the power of my cult to spread there, where the President is the central political power, it is necessary to rule over influential people.

In a situation where our plot for complete dominance is exposed midway through, at that moment let the United States collapse. Using the power of the United States as it is now, we will comfortably control the world. If that is impossible it can't be helped.

Make use of the controlled people, and when discovered paranoia will stir up over who is parasitised and a democratic state will easily fall. Then, when the United States collapses, take advantage of the turmoil so my cult has the potential for direct global dominance.

One way or another, my cult will stand on top of the world and anyone else will be stopped.


This is where the player learns the full purpose of Saddler's plans to conquer the United States and then the world. His first target would be the United States First Family. His "backup plan" involves a massive battleship and use Las Plagas sleeper agents.




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