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"It was a typical night at J's bar. Some uninvited guests crashed the party. Our race for survival was just beginning."
— In-game description

Outbreak (発生 Hassei?)

Outbreak's first scenario, it depicts the first hours of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident. Starting at Jack's Bar and passing through the now chaotic streets of Raccoon, There are two endings: the brave one where the character of choice detonates thousands of zombies and the cowardly one in which the character of choice runs away.


DATE: Sept. 23-24

Ten ordinary people are drinking at Jack's Bar, in spite of RNN's news reports of increased violence in a football game, Raccoon Sharks X Old Court Thunders. Of the 10, 8 are highlighted.


Kevin Ryman

A police officer who works for the Raccoon Police Department. He has excellent athletic ability and is a fantastic marksman (he has won shooting competitions in the past). He's an optimist at heart and doesn't get hung up on trivial things. However, perhaps due to his personality, he has failed the S.T.A.R.S. recruitment exam twice.

Mark Wilkins

A Security Guard working for a security company in Raccoon City. He served in Vietnam, and even though he's over 50 years old, he's still very strong. Perhaps because he experienced the emptiness of war firsthand, there's a side to him that's mentally fragile. He hopes more than anything that his current life of peace and tranquility will continue.

Jim Chapman

A subway employee. He's usually friendly and cheerful, but in critical situations, he sometimes exposes his cowardice and narrow-mindedness. Although he has no bad intentions, he often says a lot of things that get people around him upset. He has excellent intuition and is good at buying puzzle magazines and solving them from cover to cover.

George Hamilton

A doctor who works at a hospital in Raccoon City. He specializes in surgery and has a reputation among his patients as a top-notch surgeon. Although he doesn't lead the charge, he's a mature man with a receptive and cooperative nature who naturally earns the trust of others. His hobby's collecting watches.

David King

A taciturn plumber with a wild air about him. He doesn't want to talk about his past, but he's not simply unsociable, he doesn't talk except when he feels it necessary. His sharp gaze and elegant knife wielding skills seem to indicate he's been through a number of difficult situations.

Alyssa Ashcroft

A female newspaper reporter working at the city desk of a local newspaper. Her curiosity and eagerness to gather all kinds of information is the source of her dynamism. She often clashes with other people because of her forceful and competitive nature, but she seems to take good care of those who respect her.

Yoko Suzuki

A self-proclaimed university student. She's very knowledgeable about computers. She's quiet and reserved but has an intensely inquisitive mind, which sometimes shows in her actions as an unexpected toughness. However, she has a disadvantage in that once she starts focusing on one thing, she can't pay attention to anything else.

Cindy Lennox

A popular waitress at Jack's Bar, she always has a bright smile on her face. She's a service-minded person who puts others first before herself. She's surprisingly courageous in tough situations, perhaps due to her familiarity with the harsh world of reality.

The two others were


An Old-looking man, Mark's long-time friend he wasn't feeling very well before all this.


The Bar's cook and a friend of Cindy Lennox.


"There was a disruption earlier at today's football match between the Raccoon Sharks and the Old Court Thunders. Apparently the game was interrupted when an unruly fan got out of control and sparked a riot. The number of injured is not yet known, but more than 50 broke the line before the cops could take control of the scene... -RNN"

The Bar's cook Will was collecting Mark's dish when a odd-looking man walks in.[1] Curious, Will approach's the man only for him to suddenly bite Will on the neck. Before collapsing from blood loss, Will succeeds in forcing the man out and locking the door as multiple crazed people begin beating against the glass and the door of the bar.[2] Minutes later those "Crazed people" break into the bar, and they devour Will alive now knowing the true nature of these "people" all that remains is for the survivors to escape, they head upstairs to the Rooftop. Bob's situation worsens as he now can barely walk,[3] and he also says he's "hungry"-like them. Bob later kills himself to prevent mutating into a zombie.[4] However, in another account he end up turning into a zombie.[5]

RPD is in action, with an officer named Arthur calling for an evacuation. the group jump into an apartment building to meet up with him.[6]

See also: Outbreak Operations

RPD quickly loses control of the situation, an officer named Raymond Douglas leads the group into an alleyway, using his last moments of life to alert the group of a gastanker nearby, the tanker explodes burning all the zombies in the process.

The group makes their way into a storm drain and exits at the Apple Inn where they meet Dorian and two more survivors.[7] Dorian is unable to drive them far in the police van due to barricades blocking a residential area. The group walks past Raccoon Mall, where they discover an ongoing police operation to destroy Main Street and kill hundreds of zombies with bombs.[8] The police operation turns sour when Eric and Elliott are killed, forcing the group to assemble the detonator themselves. The bombs go off, killing the zombies. Soon after police reinforcements arrive to secure the area, and the group leaves on Dorian's police van.[9]


Jack's Bar, 1F[]


The player, as Kevin, approaches the door to level 2F.

There are two starting points for this level. Everyone but Yoko starts in the Bar; Yoko starts in the Women's bathroom. Access beyond the Bar; Women's bathroom and Men's bathroom is presently restricted, and the back door requires the Staff Room Key to open, which is found on the counter in Easy and Normal, and on Will's body in Hard and Very Hard.

There are no enemies in this section at the start of the level, with the exception of hands sticking out through the Women's bathroom vent. It is inevitable, however, that Zombies will barge in through the front door. Players can move the two barrels by the window so they block the door, which delays their entry a few more seconds. Before leaving for 2F, the player can also shoulder Bob out of the room to escape with them, but this comes at the cost of being unable to use any weapons. If the player stays in the room well after the Zombies enter, Will will awaken as a Zombie and become an additional enemy.

Jack's Bar, 2F[]

Entry to level 2F is immediately hazardous, as the window at the top of the stairs will be broken by a Zombie that can drag players out, resulting in instant death. Entry to level 3F requires the Key with Blue Tag, which is found on a table in the Staff room in Easy and Normal, but on the balcony in the Owner's room on Hard and Very Hard.

To slow down the Zombies, the player can pick up a Nail Gun in Staff room and use it next to some boards. This stalls the Zombies for a short time before they break the boards down. It is advised the player searches the Break room for useful items before using the Nail Gun, as it will be cut off until the boards are broken. If the player is on Very Hard, they can retrieve the Storage Room Key from this room for later.

Jack's Bar, 3F[]

Level 3F's Liquor room is cut-off from the rooftop by a shutter, forcing the player to climb through a vent to get to the stairs. To do so, they must use the Forklift Key to turn on the forklift, then use it to raise some crates which can form a bridge for the player to climb over from a ladder. This key is found on a table in the Wine room on Easy and Normal. On Hard and Very Hard, the player will have to return to the Owner's room on level 2F with an Alcohol Bottle and place it through the hole of a portrait. Completing this puzzle opens the lock to a desk, where the Forklift Key is found in. When the player gets to the 3F to rooftop stairway, approaching the shutter back to the Liquor room triggers its opening, allowing Zombies to enter. It is advised the player only approach this shutter if they are still with Bob. Before exiting the door to the Rooftop, the player can retrieve the Storage Room Key from a desk.

Rooftop and apartment building[]

The Rooftop is populated by Crows, which will swoop at the player. If Bob was with the player, going around the corner triggers a cutscene on Easy and Normal where he kills himself to prevent Zombification. On Hard and Very Hard, however, he becomes a Zombie and attacks the survivors. If the player has the Storage Room Key, they can enter the Storage room on the south-west side of the map and search for supplies.

When the player is done with the Rooftop, they must break a loose railing, either through melee attacks or bullets. When it breaks, this triggers a cutscene where the police order an immediate evacuation of the area, and a timer will appear which triggers a Game Over if they reach the police too late. The player must climb onto the new section behind the railing and use the action button to jump over the alleyway to the neighbouring Apartment building's rooftop. Once on the other rooftop, they must go through the door to the Top floor of the apartment, then via the elevator to 1F of the apartment, and out the southern door to In front of J's BAR before the timer runs out. Zombies will be wandering the 1F corridor, with more smashing through the windows.

City streets[]

The timer ends when the player reaches In front of J's BAR, and they will receive orders from Raymond Douglas to construct a barricade. The barricade is formed by pushing the two leftmost police cars northwards, preventing Zombies (Scissor Tails on Hard and Very Hard) from walking down the street. When the barricade is formed, the player will respawn in Behind the apartment. It should be noted, however, that the player does not in fact need to construct the barricade. Every time Douglas fires his shotgun, he moves back slightly. If he fires his shotgun enough times, he will be close to the door to Behind the apartment and the player will respawn there anyway.

The room Behind the apartment is a long and wide stretch of side-street. Douglas will be at the north end firing at the next door, while enemies enter the room through holes in the wall to the south. The player must wait out an unseen timer to trigger entry to the next room while being confronted by increasing numbers of Zombies or Scissor tails.

In the next area, Slope along the canal, Douglas will be killed by the monsters while giving instructions to burn them with fuel. Players must loot his corpse for the Lighter to do this, and will have the option to claim his Shotgun as well. The player must unwind a valve on the back of the fuel truck, and then use the Lighter near the fuel slip, though they cannot use the Lighter when stood on this fuel. When the fuel is lit, the player has a short time to press the Action button on the east side of the map to allow them to jump into the water. This shields them from the blast, which is an Instant Death if the player failed to jump in time. The player must then climb through a hole into the Tunnel. This room does not have enemies in, and is a long passageway. They must travel to the northwest end and climb up a ladder. This will take them to In front of Apple Inn.

In front of Apple Inn is a large room which, like the Tunnel, is also devoid of enemies. There they will encounter Dorian; Chuck and Roger. Pressing the Action button on Dorian, the police officer, triggers another cutscene where the player is taken by van to Behind the residential area. This room is also devoid of enemies, but serves as a means of stocking up on ammunition and health items when ordered by Dorian to investigate the area.

Travelling eastwards across the Footbridge, a cutscene will trigger wherein three police officers - Harry, Eric and Elliott - are attacked by Zombies while setting up a bomb. The player may choose to return to the van at this point, ending the level. However, they may also choose to continue travelling on the Footbridge and, on the other side, construct the bomb. When this is used near Eric's body, the Zombies will be killed in a cutscene, which also ends the game.


  • Arthur, the police officer killed by Zombies outside Jack's Bar.
  • Bob, the infected security guard at Jack's Bar.
  • Chuck, one of the survivors in Dorian's van. A Zombie version also appears in this level.
  • Dorian, the police van driver.
  • Raymond Douglas, the surviving police officer outside Jack's Bar.
  • Elliott, one of the police officers at the bomb site.
  • Eric, one of the police officers at the bomb site.
  • Harry, one of the police officers at the bomb site.
  • Richard, appears as a Zombie.
  • Roger, one of the survivors in Dorian's van.
  • Will, the bartender.

Event checklist[]

No. Event Score
1 Built barricade out of barrels. 30 pts
2 Used the Staff Room Key. 20 pts
3 Used the key with blue tag. 20 pts
4 Solved painting puzzle. 30 pts
5 Unlocked cabinet (Alyssa). 30 pts
6 Moved cargo with the forklift. 20 pts
7 Moved cargo with the forklift. 20 pts
8 Destroyed liquor room shutter. 40 pts
9 Destroyed wire fence on rooftop. 20 pts
10 Read all graffiti with lighter. 50 pts
11 Built patrol car barricade. 30 pts
12 opened gasoline tanker valve. 20 pts
13 Used lighter to ignite gas. 20 pts
14 Activated detonator. 20 pts
15 Killed zombies and survived. 40 pts
16 Escaped zombies and survived. 40 pts
17 Collected every map. 30 pts
18 Died in gas tanker explosion. 40 pts
19 Obtained "newspaper." 20 pts
20 Obtained "Jack's memo." 30 pts
21 Obtained "staffer's diary." 30 pts
22 Obtained "Raccoon Today." 30 pts
23 Heard screams in the owner's room. 10 pts
24 Saw crow fly into drawing room. 10 pts
25 Saw bottle break in wine room. 10 pts
26 Saw bottle break in liquor room. 10 pts
27 Heard screams in front of J's Bar. 10 pts
28 Watched "Will Becomes A Zombie."(Mark) 30 pts
29 Watched "Bob Gets Worse." 50 pts
30 Watched "Bob's Suicide." 50 pts
31 Watched "Bob Becomes A zombie." 50 pts
32 Watched "Block Staff Door." 40 pts

Further notes[]


  • In the US version, there is a glitch involving Alyssa in this scenario. If the player uses her ad-libs, the game will freeze, and the player has to reset the console and start the scenario again. This glitch does not appear in the Japanese and European version of the game, and does not happens while playing in Lone Wolf mode.


A bottle owned by a man called Barry is stored in the bar's Liquor room, and may be a reference to S.T.A.R.S. officer Barry Burton.


  • Outbreak is one of three scenarios (the others being Below Freezing Point and Flashback) in which the player has to die in order to get points for the event checklist. In order to obtain those points, a player must not jump into the water after using the Lighter in Slope Along the Canal. The resulting explosion from the truck will kill the character instantly.
  • Outbreak is also one of five scenarios (the others being Decisions, Decisions, Underbelly, Flashback, and "end of the road") to feature an alternate ending depending on the player's route.
  • During the Raccoon City scenario in Umbrella Chronicles many areas from Outbreak scenario are shown, like J's bar and the main street. This is due that Umbrella Chronicles uses an improved version of the engine used in Outbreak.
  • The Bradygames Official Strategy Guide provided backstory by stating that J's Bar is haunted to give context to random alcohol bottles falling and shattering, as well as screams at random intervals throughout the scenario. The player would be given points for witnessing these events and are a criteria for 100% completion. As Capcom hasn't commented on the statements provided by the guide, it's unknown if this was made up by Bradygames or notes provided by Capcom.



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