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It was a typical night at J's bar.
Some uninvited guests crashed the party.
Our race for survival was just beginning.

Outbreak is the first scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak. It begins in the bar room of J's Bar, and ends on Main Street.


On an average night, Kevin Ryman, David King, Mark Wilkins, Jim Chapman, George Hamilton, Alyssa Ashcroft, Cindy Lennox, Yoko Suzuki; Will the bartender and Bob are all at J's Bar, when a lone zombie enters the bar. The group mistakes the zombie for a simple stranger until it attacks Will. Will then shoves the zombie back outside the bar and locks the front door, when more zombies approach the bar and begin banging on the doors and windows. The survivors make their way through to the roof of the bar, when they hear the police out front make an announcement to make their way to the street where the police can evacuate them. The survivors meet up with the police after most of them have been killed. Raymond Douglas asks them to help build a barricade which they do and escape to another area where Raymond is eaten by zombies. There is a gas tanker on the road and they release the gasoline and set it on fire burning the pursuing zombies. Then they escape into the sewers and end up in front of Apple Inn where they find another police officer with a truck who is aiding some survivors in their escape. They ride along in his truck until they run into a barricade blocking a large hole in the road. They are forced to walk the rest of the way. They make their way to main street where they witness 3 more policemen setting up a bomb less than a couple feet from a barricade protecting them from thousands of zombies. Before they can finish, the barricade breaks, and the zombies come flooding through attacking and killing 2 of the policeman except for Harry. There are two possible endings from this point:

  1. The player can go down to the street, repair the detonator and set the bomb off.
  2. The player can go back and find the police officer with the truck and escape with him.

After either of those events the player will ride in the truck away from the main city. Then a news broadcast is displayed showing the police in a fluster, and the army setting up a barricade outside the city essentially quarantining it.



  • Bob
  • Will
  • Raymond Douglas
  • Arthur
  • Aaron
  • Dorian
  • Elliott
  • Eric
  • Harry
  • All survivors although it can be speculated that only 3 of them proceed through the scenario in the way it is presented.
  • (Speculation) These survivors could canonically have been Kevin Ryman, Mark Wilkins, and Cindy Lennox. This can be determined because these are the only characters chosen as partner characters to whichever other survivor the player selects.




Event checklist

  1. Built barricade out of barrels.
  2. Used the Staff Room Key.
  3. Used the key with blue tag.
  4. Solved painting puzzle.
  5. Unlocked cabinet (Alyssa).
  6. Moved cargo with the forklift.
  7. Destroyed liquor room shutter.
  8. Destroyed wire fence on rooftop.
  9. Read all graffiti with lighter.
  10. Built patrol car barricade.
  11. opened gasoline tanker valve.
  12. Used lighter to ignite gas.
  13. Activated detonator.
  14. Killed zombies and survived.
  15. Escaped zombies and survived.
  16. Collected every map.
  17. Died in gas tanker explosion.
  18. Obtained "newspaper."
  19. Obtained "Jack's memo."
  20. Obtained "staffer's diary."
  21. Obtained "Raccoon Today."
  22. Screams in the owner's room.
  23. Saw crow fly into drawing room.
  24. Saw bottle break in wine room.
  25. Saw bottle break in liquor room.
  26. Heard screams in front of J's Bar.
  27. Watched "Will Becomes A Zombie."
  28. Watched "Bob Gets Worse."
  29. Watched "Bob's Suicide."
  30. Watched "Bob Becomes A zombie."
  31. Watched "Block Staff Door."


  • Outbreak is one of three scenarios (the others being Below Freezing Point and Flashback) in which the player has to die in order to get points for their death.
  • Outbreak is also one of five scenarios (the others being Decisions, Decisions, Underbelly, Flashback, and End of the Road) to feature an alternate ending depending on the player's actions.
  • The developers made a side story saying that J's Bar was haunted by spirits which Cindy and Will were aware of and had seen before the Outbreak. They also stated that Cindy witnessed how bottles would fall on their own and heard mysterious woman screams coming from nowhere. During the outbreak, as survivors lead by Cindy enter the bar's installations, they would see bottles falling on their own and mysterious screams. If a player presses the ad lib button, Cindy will make a comment about them. The mannequin with the blanket on it (looking like a ghost) was a nod to the story.


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