A merchant can be found here along with a typewriter. While looking on a telescope, Leon can see Ashley being captive by Salazar. Attempt to reach her, Leon must venture into the Clocktower while a group of zealots from the other structure firing fireball towards him.


The outside of the castle is surrounded with narrow cliff. There is a bridge where it can be rotated using the lever inside the clock tower.


A spinel can be found on the lamp. If zealots from the clock towers see Leon, they will attempt to attack him by using either weapons or fireball from a distance. Player must cross the bridge to avoid being hit by the fireball. The main gate is barricade from the inside which makes it useless to enter; Leon must find another way in. Walking up the stairs, multiples zealots will be face. There are few crates available where it contains Rifle ammo and other random items. There is an entry door which player can use to enter the Clock tower, which is located at the second level of the Clock tower.

On Easy mode, the Clocktower is inaccessible, and the lever used to rotate the bridge is located outside the tower. The two barriers that separate both sides of the external area of the clocktower are gone. 


Location Action Localization Original script
The front blocked gate OPEN The gate's securely shut. I'd better find another way.




  1. Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho Kaitei Ban, pages 280; "茎計時外部" translates as "outside clock stem"
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