Oven Man lunges at Leon

The "Oven Man" or "Burning Man" is a unique and notable Militia Ganado featured in (certain versions of) Resident Evil 4 as a jump scare. He does not appear in some versions, presumably due to censorship. There is no background information on this enemy, nor any explanation as to why he was in the oven.

He will be encountered during Chapter 5-1, lying in wait within a large oven in the Kitchen. Once the player gets close enough to it, the Ganado bursts out, shrieking and inundated in flames, attempting to perform a grab move on Leon. If caught, the player will receive twice as much damage than normal from his grab move. Players could simply back away and move to the side to avoid him, diagonally run past the oven to escape from him, or stand one's ground and quickly shoot him dead to prevent being grabbed. It should be noted that one shot from any weapon results in an instant kill on this Ganado. Regardless of whether he succeeds or fails in the surprise attack, the Oven Man dies soon after appearing, ultimately burning to death.

If the player checks the oven afterwards, Leon will ask why the Ganado was in the oven at all.

Parallels to other jump-scare enemies

This special enemy could be a nod to a zombie in Resident Evil 0 that pops out from a fridge located in the kitchen of the Ecliptic Express.





excerpt from biohazard 4 kaitaishinsho, page 317:
"ここを通 わかかると、炎に包まれた戦闘員がこちらに向かって勢いよく飛び出してくる。そのままつかまれるとダメージを受けてしまうので、下図のように回避しよう。なお、この戦闘員は現れてから少し時間がたつと勝手に力尽きるため、攻撃する必要はない。"

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