Overture is a cutscene in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles. It plays as the opening cutscene to the first chapter of "Operation Javier".



2002 - Somewhere in South America

Leon S. Kennedy (Narrator): Javier Hidalgo... A man equally famous for his extravagant lifestyle. Following his sudden disappearance we found out that he had attempted to approach Umbrella.
Just what are you up to now, Javier?

Jack Krauser: So, you think B.O.W.s actually exist? Oh wait, you said you faced them before, huh?

Leon (ongoing narrator): This is my first mission with Krauser. He's a soldier with the U.S. Special Operations Command. And has quite the resume of accomplishments in the field. But to him, after all he's been through, B.O.W.s, Cryptid... They're all the same.

Krauser: Our guide is in a village up ahead. He'll take us to Amparo where Javier is hiding out. Come on, let's move.

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