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The P-4 laboratory is an area of NEST that is featured in Resident Evil 2.


This laboratory is composed of multiple desks with various science equipment littered across. There is also several larger scale science machines adjacent to these desks. It is one of the three rooms in the game with 3D doors that open, the other two being the basketball court and the alligator room.


In the small antechamber, use the Weapon Box Key on the locker where the player can find Magnum Parts (Leon) / Grenade Rounds (Claire). Then, the player can head back to the large hallway outside, and head to the lab. In the lab area, several zombies will be face. The player can find the Lab Card Key here in scenario A.

After obtaining the Base Vaccine inside the B4F experimentation room, the player must return to this lab to create the G-Vaccine. The player must head to the vaccine synthesis machine, insert the base vaccine and start the machine. After completion, the G-Vaccine will automatically be added onto claire's inventory.

In Scenario B, the player can find the Power Room Key on the lab desk.


Location Localization Original script
The locker (Without the key) I could open it if I had the key.
The locker (With the Weapon Box key) Will you used the Weapon Box Key? Yes/No


Other lockers It's tightly locked...
Chemicals on the freezer Various chemicals. What kind of experiments have been performed here?
Vaccine machine (Leon) It looks like a machine used for the vaccine research.
Vaccine machine (Claire A) A vaccine synthesis machine. The lid is open. The base vaccine must go inside.
Vaccine machine (Claire A, after inserting the base vaccine) Will you push the switch ? Yes/No