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"A rapid fire machine gun."
— Inventory description.

P19 Machine Gun (マシンガンP19 mashin gan P 19?) is a weapon in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The P19 Machine Gun is first made available in Mia's 'E-001' tape. After finishing the segment, Mia can acquire the weapon in the Captain's Cabin locker, which is located on the 4th floor in a side room that is easily missable. The player needs the key to the locker in order to access the weapon with the key being located on the 2nd floor. After rescuing Ethan, the weapon, along with what were in Mia's inventory, are automatically stored in the Item Box to which Ethan has access to the machine gun.

The weapon has a comparatively weaker firepower per bullet compared to even the G17 Handgun; requiring more shot to slightly halt a Molded's advance.

This weakness however is circumvented by its sheer fire rate and very high capacity, making for one of the most reliable damage per second weapon at mid range.

Coupled with the fact that ammunition for it being very common thus plentiful, the P19 can easily become the weapon of choice for the final sections of the game. It takes up two inventory slots and holds 64 rounds per magazine.

The P19 machinegun compliments the M21 Shotgun very well; the former's sheer ammo abundance, capacity and fire rate enabling for sustained stream of damage while the latter dealing heavy burst damage and knock back, making for a reliable continued mid-range engagement strategy.


The P19 Machine Gun is made available to craft for 150 Scrap after the player unlocks the "Machine Gun Set" reward by accumulating 10,000 Points. Upgrading to level 2 turrets will allow for machine gun turrets instead of M19 pistol turrets.

Ethan Must Die[]

The P19 Machine Gun can be found in 3-star crates in Ethan Must Die.

Jack's 55th Birthday[]

The P19 Machine Gun can be found during stages "Testing Area 1" on 2F on the table near what would be the exit to the Yard, and during "Testing Area 2" on 1F where the Fat Molded was fought during the main game.

Not a Hero[]

Machine guns are used by Lucas as turrets that will shoot Chris if he is detected by them. Chris can either crouch to avoid them or throw a grenade to destroy them. Crouching under turrets will not work for turrets that are in a set of three.