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P30 autoinjector jill valentine

The remote controlled P30 injector used on (brainwashed) Jill Valentine

P30 is a chemical compound known for its performance-enhancing effects on the human body. It was created from further research on the Progenitor Virus.[1]


P30 was first catalogued by Tricell as a chemical by-product of their Progenitor Virus research sometime between 2006 and 2008. Follow-up studies explored its viability as a performance-enhancing drug, to be sold to guerrilla fighters alongside the Type 2 Plagas. The main test subject, Jill Valentine, was provided with a device similar to an insulin pump, which would test the side-effects of continued use of P30. Due to the high metabolism rate of P30 in the human body, it was ultimately deemed impractical as a commercial combat-enhancer.[2]



Jill Valentine brainwashed from the device on her chest.

Physically, the most significant side-effect of P30 is that of superhuman strength, speed and reflexes. These abilities were noted during combat between Valentine and the BSAA, and doping would have made guerrillas extremely dangerous. Mental side-effects have also been recorded, with Valentine having spent a long duration in a highly-suggestible but lucid state. Because of these qualities, there is the potential for non-combatants to be forced into service in a combat zone, provided they are regularly doped.[2] Due to the high-rate that P30 is metabolised by the human body, it should be noted that the physical and mind-altering effects of P30 are very limited, with the drug being quickly flushed out of the body.[2] Thus, effective use of the compound requires ongoing application to the test subject.

Further notes[]

  • The P30 also makes an appearance in Resident Evil: Afterlife, as the Scarab. Like Jill Valentine in the game, Claire Redfield is a subject to the drug in the movie, but is later freed from the device by Alice. In the ending scene, Jill makes an appearance with the device on her chest. It also returns in the sequel to Afterlife, Retribution.[3][4]
  • In The Art of Resident Evil 5, it is stated that the P30 brainwashing device was initially conceived to be located on Jill's head; however, this concept was later revised, and it was ultimately placed on her chest.[5]
  • In the Wesker Mode mini-game for the HD Remaster of Resident Evil 0, Rebecca Chambers is equipped with a device similar to the P30, which is also located on her chest.