P30 autoinjector jill valentine

The remote controlled P30 injector used on (brainwashed) Jill Valentine

P30 is a chemical compound known for its performance-enhancing effects on the human body. It was created from further research on the Progenitor virus.[1]


It is known as the ultimate performance enhancer as it increases physical abilities to unnatural levels of the user such as super strength and agility, as well as makes them very easy to control, essentially making the ultimate soldier. Unfortunately, the effects of the chemical are extremely temporary as they are metabolized and expelled from the body so quickly, it would require frequent injections of the chemical to be of any long-term use. The way that was created to counter-act this drawback was to attach a device to the subject that would continuously administer the chemical in a very timely manner. Despite its effects being very brief, P30's effects were powerful and effective.



Jill Valentine brainwashed from the device on her chest.

The only known subject to be injected with P30 was Jill Valentine. Taken by Wesker, Jill Valentine was implanted with a remote controlled P30 chest device. After years of frequent usage, Jill Valentine served under Wesker and became the ultimate super soldier. Possessing quick agility and super strength, Jill performed various missions against her will including going against her former partner, Chris Redfield in battle. After being freed from the device on her chest, Jill accounted that, while she had no control over her actions, she was still aware about everything that she was doing. The removal of the device left a permanent scar on Jill's chest.

Further Notes

  • The P30 also makes an appearance in Resident Evil: Afterlife, as the Scarab. Like Jill Valentine in the game, Claire Redfield is a subject to the drug in the movie, but is later freed from the device by Alice. In the ending scene, Jill Valentine makes an appearance with the device on her chest. It also returns in the sequel to Afterlife, Retribution.[2][3]
  • According to The Art of Resident Evil 5, the P30 brainwashing device was originally in the idea of being located on Jill's head, this however was changed to being located on her chest.


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