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PACHI-SLOT biohazard, also known as Biohazard Pachinko, is a game operated on the Japanese "Pachinko" machines (an arcade game that involves the use of a pinball and slot machine). The game follows the storyline of the Mansion Incident and draws primarily from the remake of Resident Evil, but with several changes.


Despite graphics similar to the GameCube and following a storyline similar to the game for the Nintendo console, the similarities stop there. Several moments are quite different from the original game, especially the scenes where we see Chris, Jill, Barry and Rebecca acting together, while Wesker observes everything from a control room. Strangely, however, Jill is wearing her outfit from Resident Evil 3: Nemesis instead of her S.T.A.R.S. uniform.

The path followed by the characters and their fate in battle is decided according to the result obtained in a roulette. If the player wins the match, the game continues. Otherwise, the character takes damage and can even die, which requires the player to insert a new card if you want to continue playing. Several different routes can be followed during the game, which adds to the replay factor of the machine.

The game also features an additional gameplay mode called Wesker Mode, where Albert Wesker releases 49 monsters onto either Chris or Jill (depending on who the player is playing as) from within his hideout. If the player manages to defeat all 49 monsters, a cutscene plays where the player character finds Wesker in his hideout and shoots him in the shoulder before holding him at gunpoint.



Different Versions Edit

There are different versions of Pachi-Slot Biohazard, such as CR Biohazard Zōshoku Version and CR Biohazard Kansen Version.


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