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PACHI-SLOT BIOHAZARD 5 is the second Pachi-Slot game based on the Resident Evil series, this time being based on Resident Evil 5.


PACHI-SLOT BIOHAZARD 5 was developed by Capcom's Pachinko & Pachislo Division in light of an increase in arcade machines relating to films and anime.[1] The game was developed in cooperation with Masachika Kawata of Division 1, who provided input as to what changes were acceptable when developing the game.[1]

The team developed the game to be an advancement in the industry, being the first pachislot cabinet with a moving LCD screen, dubbed "movision" (a portmanteau of "movie" and "vision"). The cabinet itself was also specially made for the game, and was given the name "Pandemic" in light of this. These technological developments however made the game more expensive, and it was decided it be aggressively marketised to make-up for this cost.[1]


A number of mechanics were developed for the game to increase replay value. In "Uroboros Mode" the odds of rare small winnings are increased, for instance.[1]



The game received the Grand Pachislo Prize at the 2013 Pachislo & Slot Award.[1] The success, Capcom believed, was due to its market launch coinciding with the release of Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil: Retribution and Resident Evil: Damnation.[1]


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