Pale Heads are a new enemy type the player will have to face in The Ghost Survivors mode.

Abilities and Weaknesses

Their trademark ability is to regenerate from damage. Unlike regular zombies, their body parts can't be dismembered due to their regenerative capabilities. Furthermore, they move and attack significantly faster than regular zombies. Thus, making them difficult.

As mentioned in the Letter to the Director, the "usage of high-powered weaponry that can damage it faster than it can regenerate" is advised. Although small caliber ammo can be used as well, the amount of bullets and time will be greater to dispose of this creature. 

However, the Pale Head can be slowed down immensely by shooting them with 9mm caliber ammo. Nevertheless, they will regenerate. This can give the player the option to avoid them by only shooting them once or twice and running past them if they want to save ammo.



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