The Pale Rider (ペイルライダー Peiruraidā?, Pale Rider) is a special Magnum that appears in Resident Evil: Revelations. It appears identical as the Magnum Python, but with an extremely long barrel, which is more than half the size of a person.

It is one of Raid Mode's four Legendary Weapons, and so it exclusively appears in it. It can either be found or purchased by the player. Compared to the other Magnums, the Pale Rider boasts the highest firepower, heavily countered by a low firing rate, abysmal reloading speed, very small capacity, and often two or less upgrade slots, though custom parts and character-specific skills can help counteract these. The Pale Rider is also the only Legendary Weapon that can be found in the shop, albeit uncommonly. The rare version is called the Grim Reaper (グリムリーパー Gurimurīpā?).

Very late in Raid Mode, the Pale Rider can be become the strongest weapon in-game, dealing even more damage than the Rocket Launcher when combined with certain parts.


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