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The Paraguas Line Company was a cruise line company that ran Mediterranean, Transatlantic and African coastal cruises from the 1980s until around 2003. A subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation, Paraguas used its cruise ships as a clandestine means of transporting B.O.W.s and virus samples across the world. They were also used as mobile laboratories for B.O.W. research.[1]


In the late 1980s, Paraguas (Spanish for "umbrella") purchased a trio of identical cruise ships: Queen Dido; Queen Semiramis and Queen Zenobia. After being redesigned and rebuilt with state-of-the-art laboratories, the three ships were sent across the world in the early 1990s to assist Umbrella in its B.O.W. research. The Queen Zenobia is known to have travelled to and from Africa [2] and may have been used to transport Progenitor Virus samples from the Umbrella Africa Laboratory. In 2002, the ex-Umbrella researcher Morpheus D. Duvall hijacked a fourth cruise ship, the Spencer Rain, redirecting it to the Umbrella Waste Disposal Facility where it was destroyed upon collision with a cliff.

After Umbrella was found responsible for the deaths of the 100,000 Raccoon City civilians in the Raccoon Trials, Paraguas went out of business along with its parent company. The Queen Dido; Queen Semiramis and Queen Zenobia disappeared not long afterwards, having been obtained by Morgan Lansdale. He offered them, along with the t-Abyss virus, to the bioterrorist group Il Veltro and their leader Jack Norman for use as mobile bases of operation to launch a bioterrorist attack on Terragrigia. Morgan also installed a UAV system on each ship to enable the airborne spread of the virus. Once Morgan determined that the attack on Terragrigia would be successful, he activated a self-destruct system on the Queen Dido to kill Norman and released the t-Abyss virus within the other two ships to wipe out the other terrorists in order to cover his tracks.

Morgan then sent research teams to both ships with the goal of creating a vaccine for the t-Abyss virus. Despite the deaths of several researchers due to attacks from the mutated terrorists, the vaccine was eventually created and sent to Morgan. Immediately afterwards, Morgan remotely accessed the ships' security systems, trapping the research teams, and released the ships' B.O.W.s, in an effort to tie up loose ends.

The Veltro revival act was put up by Raymond and BSAA's head O'Brian to uncover the truth about Terragrigia. However, the Queen Semiramis was destroyed in order to cover up evidence of Morgan's involvement on the terrorist attack on Terragrigia and the development of the T-Abyss Virus (which Tricell also helped develop), the Zenobia was also destroyed as Jessica Sherawat, who was working as a BSAA Agent working but as an undercover agent for FBC's head Morgan but in reality was working for Tricell, activated the self-destruct mechanism of the ship and the ship was destroyed.

The sunken Queen Dido was later infiltrated by Jill and Chris in order to uncover evidence of Morgan's involvement with Veltro, going further in the unflooded areas, there they found Jack Norman, the only surviving member and the head of Veltro, they managed to get his PDA and put him down for good after a battle. As a result, all of the ships were destroyed.


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