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"Think these things got Chris and Jessica?"

Parker Luciani is a member of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance and former member of the FBC. He is partnered with Jill Valentine during the 2005 mission to track down BSAA agents Chris Redfield and his partner Jessica Sherawat, whom the BSAA has lost contact with since they left to investigate Il Veltro. He is of Anglo-Italian descent.[1]



"And Terragrigia is... no more."

Parker was originally a member of the FBC tasked with helping out during the Veltro terrorist attack of Terragrigia. However he and his partner Jessica barely managed to make it out alive and fled into the FBC building. Unfortunately, the building had already been breached with many Hunters. During their trip to the Command Room, they meet the new cadet Raymond Vester badly injured by the hunters.

Parker and Jessica escort him to a safe hall and go to get medical bandages for him. After they succeed, he and Raymond began bonding. When they arrive at the command room, they meet Morgan Lansdale collaborating with Jack Norman, and in the midst of betraying him. After that, they are ordered to escape the city in a helicopter. After fighting numerous Hunters in the building, Parker and Jessica finally escape the city.

Queen ZenobiaEdit

"Good times, Jill. It was a nice ride."

Parker and Jill skipper a tugboat into the Mediterranean Sea following Chris and Jessica's last known coordinates, which led them to a stranded cruise ship named Queen Zenobia.[2]

Not long after boarding the ship, Parker and Jill realize that the entire crew of the Queen Zenobia had been turned into monstrous bio organic weapons named Ooze and are forced to fight for their lives. After they defeat their first Ooze Parker decides to stay behind to study the creature, while Jill forges onward. She finds what appears to be Chris in a locked room and searches for a way to open it. Eventually finding the key on the body of an F.B.C agent Rachel Foley. She and Parker enter the room to discover that what appeared to be Chris was actually a dummy, and that they had been caught in a trap as the entire room gets flooded with sleeping gas. Just before they fall unconscious a Veltro agent enters and proclaims that it's time they learned the truth.

Parker awakes in one of the ships cabins without his weapons and gear. Separated from Jill he searches around for a way to regroup with her, finding their stolen equipment in the process behind a locked room, he is unable to enter the room and so resolves to find Jill. They meet up again in the dining hall and together, retrieve their gear and set out to contact the BSAA's headquarters

They head for the ship's bridge and are surprised when they meet an old acquaintance of Parker's, Raymond Vester who is on the ship by orders of the FBC They both make their way to the ship's main hall and find that the communications room is locked, and that the key is with the communications officer in the promenade deck. They head to the promenade and discover that the comms officer had turned into a terrible mostrosity called a Scagdead. After a fierce battle they slay the Scagdead, which rants about still being human, recover the key, and immediately head for the emergency communications room.

Once at the emergency communications room they find that they cannot contact headquarters due to problems with the ship's antennae array located on the top of the observation deck. Heading there, Jill and Parker are confronted by a monstrous crab-like creature, the Draghignazzo, which they are forced to destroy before they can contact headquarters.

After Jessica is revealed to be a traitor, she sets the Queen Zenobia to self-destruct. Parker is later seen dangling above a series of explosions after the floor he's standing on collapses. Jill and Chris reaches out to try and save him, grabbing Parker's arm before he falls. As he hangs there, Parker says, "see you, guys", before falling into the explosion below.[3]

After VeltroEdit

It is revealed that Raymond Vester saved Parker from the explosion. Parker was then found adrift off the shore of the Republic of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea. He resumed his position as a Special Operations Agent for the BSAA after a month of recovery.[4]

Sonido de TortugaEdit

Parker injured
Parker later assisted Chris' younger sister and TerraSave member Claire Redfield, during the 2014 Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident at the behest of Chris. Leading members of the BSAA's South American branch, he and Claire descended to rescue TerraSave's Inéz Diaco and survivors of the Idol Survival program from the Schraube Damon and Morio B.O.W's. As BSAA officers were swiftly being wiped out by the two B.O.W.'s, Parker stayed behind to fight and by Claire and the survivors time to escape. He was severely injured and knocked unconscious by Schraube Damon in the process, but survived when the two B.O.W.'s began to attack each other instead of killing him. After the creatures departed, Parker regained consciousness and got in touch with a backup helicopter team to evacuate the survivors. He arrived on Emerald Beach to stay on Claire and Marilou Mabou's helicopter after their fight with the mutated Julie, but was forced to turn around and also rescue Takeru Tominaga, Mayu and Hendrick after their helicopter was destroyed by Julie's final attack.



Parker acts as Jill's AI controlled partner up to Episode 8. However he is played during the following segments,

  • Episodes 3-1 in his FBC uniform. He uses the large knife and does not have a Genesis scanner.
  • Episode 10-1 in his Wetsuit. He uses his own axe.
  • Episode 11-2 In his FBC uniform.

Parker's Melee attack involves him stepping in and preforming a clothesline.

Raid ModeEdit

Parker is playable in Revelations' Raid Mode. In his Costume 2 & 3 he uses the basic large knife with the swing motion while his Costume 1 has the axe. His axe is stronger than the knife and is swung diagonally.

Abilities (3DS) Abilities (Port) Costume Mission to unlock Mission how to
Handgun Master

  • Handgun Reload Speed 200%
Shotgun Mastery 2

  • Shotgun Reload Speed +60%
  • Shotgun Firing Rate +18%
Costume 1 - Wetsuit "Chapter 1" Complete Episodes 1-3 of Campaign
Shotgun Mastery

  • Shotgun Reload Speed 200%
Hard Hitter

  • Melee Weapon Damage +200%
Costume 2 - BSAA uniform "Level 20" Reach player Level 20 in Raid Mode
Costume 3 - FBC uniform "Legendary Weapons" Find one Legendary weapon.


Parker is an obtainable diorama figure on awarded as a random prize through using a Genesis Scratchcard. Up to 30 of each of his figures can be acquired.

"An Italian of English descent, and Jill's current partner for the Queen Zenobia infiltration misson, Parker is known for his uncompromising dedication to his duty. While he may seem composed most of the time, his hotblooded nature often reveals a sincere, awkward streak that is difficult not to love. Parker transferred to the BSAA from the FBC following a certain incident one year earlier, an incident that appears to be inextricably linked with the current mission..."

Further notesEdit

  • According to Tsukasa Takenaka, Parker's character is heavily based on Barry Burton.[citation needed]
  • Parker has a tattoo of an anchor on the upper part of his left arm.
  • According to the Jessica Report, Parker became an alcoholic after the Terragriga incident.[excerpt 1]
  • When playing the part on the beach as Jill, if you scan Parker with the Genesis scanner he will say "Huh, trying to get to know the real me?"



  1. Jessica: Parker joined the BSAA one year ago. I think you know the reason... the Terragrigia Panic. Unable to deny the truth that the decision made there was to save the FBC's face... this left him wondering. He tried to drown his problems with alcohol at the time... In the end, he decided to transfer to the BSAA in order to fight to protect even more people.
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