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Resident Evil: RevelationsEdit


Parker acts as Jill's AI controlled partner up to Episode 8. However he is played during the following segments,

  • Episodes 3-1 in his FBC uniform. He uses the large knife and does not have a Genesis scanner.
  • Episode 10-1 in his Wetsuit. He uses his own axe.
  • Episode 11-2 In his FBC uniform.

Parker's Melee attack involves him stepping in and preforming a clothesline.

Raid ModeEdit

Parker is playable in Revelations' Raid Mode. In his Costume 2 & 3 he uses the basic large knife with the swing motion while his Costume 1 has the axe. His axe is stronger than the knife and is swung diagonally.

Abilities (3DS) Abilities (Port) Costume Mission to unlock Mission how to
Handgun Master

  • Handgun Reload Speed 200%
Shotgun Mastery 2

  • Shotgun Reload Speed +60%
  • Shotgun Firing Rate +18%
Costume 1 - Wetsuit "Chapter 1" Complete Episodes 1-3 of Campaign
Shotgun Mastery

  • Shotgun Reload Speed 200%
Hard Hitter

  • Melee Weapon Damage +200%
Costume 2 - BSAA uniform "Level 20" Reach player Level 20 in Raid Mode
Costume 3 - FBC uniform "Legendary Weapons" Find one Legendary weapon.


Parker is an obtainable diorama figure on awarded as a random prize through using a Genesis Scratchcard. Up to 30 of each of his figures can be acquired.

"An Italian of English descent, and Jill's current partner for the Queen Zenobia infiltration misson, Parker is known for his uncompromising dedication to his duty. While he may seem composed most of the time, his hotblooded nature often reveals a sincere, awkward streak that is difficult not to love. Parker transferred to the BSAA from the FBC following a certain incident one year earlier, an incident that appears to be inextricably linked with the current mission..."

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