At the End of the Battle is the tenth issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series.


Having fired Bindi Bergara's bowgun at a Zombie workman, Ricky Tozawa has momentarily saved himself from death. The man however is not dead, and he must reload. During this, he falls over, but is able to regain enough distance to fire once more. The second shot goes straight through the man's neck. With one bolt left, he waits for the Zombie to charge at him. To knock him off guard, Tozawa punches him in the face, which causes some minor hand scrapes. The Zombie meanwhile is slowed down, and Tozawa fires the bolt into his temple.

Meanwhile, Dr. Doug Wright and Tahir Kapoor get ready to take on the Zombified Ray Hsu, who has taken out his sword to fight them. Kapoor wants Hsu to be kept alive so they can study him, it being too difficult to kill a friend. This gives Hsu enough time, however, to slash his sword and injure Dr. Wright. Another swing slices into Kapoor's forehead. Dr. Wright digs his axe out of Hsu's leg to finish him off, though Kapoor smashes his mallet into his head. When Hsu loses grip of the sword, Kapoor grabs the back of his head and bashes it into nearby machinery until he is dead.

Tozawa makes his way into a large sewer channel, where he finds Bergara's unconscious body on a walkway. Waking up, Bergara tells him she saw her friend, Nanan.



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