At the End of the Battle is the tenth issue of the Resident Evil: The Marhawa Desire manga series.


Having fired the Bindi's bowgun, Ricky succeeds in hitting the zombified workman in his right arm. He gets ready to reload, but finds that the string isn't working and he can't fire. The zombie again knocks him to the ground. Ricky realises that he needs to apply pressure to the bowgun to be able to arm it; he can't simply pull the string back. Reloaded, he fires again.

Doug and Tahir look at the zombified Ray. Tahir seems hesitant, prompting Doug to suggest killing him. Tahir assures him he will be the one to do it, and begins fighting the zombie on his own. Armed with a sword, the fight with Ray is much harder than the previous zombies. Blocking Ray's swing, Tahir succeeds in forcing the zombie back. Ready to swing his axe, he hesitates. Doug tries to snap him out of it as Ray readies his sword to do the same.

Ricky has severely damaged the zombie's neck with the crossbow bolt, but it is still alive. He remembers some help offered by his uncle earlier - aim for the head, but finds it hard to aim the last bolt when the zombie keeps charging at him. Giving up avoiding the attack, Ricky simply punches directly into the zombie's mouth, damaging its head and preventing it from biting him. With his right arm, Ricky aims the crossbow and shoots through its face. Having come into contact with the C-Virus again, Ricky notices a strange numbness in his arm. Re-assuring himself that everything's fine, he continues his search for Bindi.

Tahir pulls Doug away from Ray to protect him from the sword swing. Doug is hit in the back, nonetheless and falls to the ground. Tahir apologises for hesitating, only for Ray to swing his sword again, slicing into Tahir's forehead, seemingly killing him. Doug swings his axe from the ground, cutting through Ray's right leg. Still alive, Tahir smashes Ray's face with his own axe.

Ricky has made it to area A-3 of the sewers, where he finds Bindi collapsed on the walkway. He runs to her as she wakes up. Asking her what happened, Bindi says she met her best friend Nanan.


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